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Maternity and babywearing coat

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SpaceDinosaur Sat 10-Sep-16 18:34:09

Ok. I'm having a NIGHTMARE!!! I'm 5ft 8 and have loooooong arms and long legs. My current coat is from long tall sally.

I am looking for a coat, not an insert for my current coat (which is an obscure unmatchable colour)

I'm pregnant and would really like this coat to be....
have an insert panel for when I'm pregnant.
Have an insert panel for babywearing at the front
Have the ability to insert the baby wearing panel into the back.
And LONG ENOUGH... In the body to cover my bum well as well as long enough to touch my hands dammit!!!

I'm a 12/14

I'm finding loads online but they're all for "normal" length women. Or Noone gets back to me to tell me how long the arms are.

Any recommendations please?

SpaceDinosaur Sun 11-Sep-16 12:01:38

Bump anyone?

PippilottaViktualia Sun 11-Sep-16 12:21:05

You're only 5'8'' I can't believe you're having such trouble finding a coat to fit!

What about a men's one they tend to be a bit bigger/longer?

Maybe I'm being thick but can't you have the baby in warm clothing in a sling outside your coat? If it's so difficult to find a coat with your specifications.

barefootbird Sun 11-Sep-16 13:41:02

This sort of thing?

ApocalypseSlough Sun 11-Sep-16 13:54:29

Just wear your normal coat and button it up to the sling. Unless you live somewhere very cold, that'll look good and be warm enough.

MrsHulk Sun 11-Sep-16 14:19:23

You won't be wearing the baby on your back till they're at least six months, so they'd be fine in their pram suit/coat, they won't really need to be inside your coat anymore.

Jojomaman Bebe do a coat with front insert which fits me fine - 5'8 and size 14

SpaceDinosaur Mon 12-Sep-16 00:35:47

Yes, something just like that bird
Only the measurements of those jackets were short armed. sad

I know I am only 5ft 8 but I am overly lanky armed and hate feeling cold. Most standard high street uk attire is designed for an average 5ft 5/5ft 6 woman. It just doesn't fit me properly.

I went with my first instinct which was from a company based in Germany. I was asking in case anyone here had any clever ideas as it was fecking expensive.

The inserts won't work with my current coat as it's an obscure colour and that only provides a front option.
I appreciate that I won't be wearing baby on my back for a while but I anticipate wearing this baby until they no longer want to be worn.

Thank you anyway

SpaceDinosaur Mon 12-Sep-16 00:36:51

Hulk. Babies can't wear a pram suit under a sling. Same reasons as they don't wear a pram suit in a car seat.

AndNowItsSeven Mon 12-Sep-16 00:41:35

Where on earth did you read that you baby can't wear a pram suit ? The website of the baby wearing coats?

AppleMagic Mon 12-Sep-16 01:03:01

Babies can't wear a pram suit under a sling. Same reasons as they don't wear a pram suit in a car seat.

Babies shouldnt wear a pram suit in a car because under the force of a collision the suit compresses and means there is slack in the straps. I can't see how this is relevant to a sling. confused

Hedgeh0g Mon 12-Sep-16 01:28:16

They shouldn't wear a pram suit in a sling as they overheat too easily. It also makes it difficult to get the proper frog legged or 'm' position for their legs.

SpaceDinosaur Mon 12-Sep-16 06:17:36

Thank you Hedgeh0g

OliveBranchCollins Mon 12-Sep-16 06:39:32

I'd wait and see if the baby likes the sling first before I spent a lot on a special coat.
DS2 was not a cuddly baby and hated it. DD didn't like them either until she could go in the backpack type.

MrsHulk Mon 12-Sep-16 06:43:49

Depends on the pram suit - if it was very bulky they could get too hot or it might be difficult to get them in position, but babies certainly do wear pram suits in slings in cold weather, the car seats point isn't relevant.

TheOddity Mon 12-Sep-16 06:43:49

Have you asked on your local baby wearing site on fb? Those guys know how to shop!!

MrsHulk Mon 12-Sep-16 06:45:33

And good point above about waiting to see how things go - I had every intention of using the sling (didn't even buy a pram) but had a prolapse after labour, which is not that unusual, and couldn't carry the baby for any length of time. My boy is snuggly so would happily have been in slings all day long but I know other babies who hated them.

SpaceDinosaur Mon 12-Sep-16 06:53:35

In addition to overheating, a baby in a pram suit is not held as securely in a sling.

SpaceDinosaur Mon 12-Sep-16 06:58:37

Chrikey, lots of people posted, I thought o was just following my last post with an addendum.

Waiting wasn't really an "option" as I need a coat, kinda now.

MrsHulk Mon 12-Sep-16 07:04:43

Where are you getting this information about pram suits? I see loads of babies in pram suits in slings (especially the ones on the backs) and have never heard this is an issue.

Again, maybe it depends on the type of pram suit - for example the tuppence and crumble ones and made of fleece, no thicker than a normal jumper, I just don't believe they would affect how securely the baby is held in place.

Spottyladybird Mon 12-Sep-16 07:12:12

I was told about pram suits by a baby wearing consultant. More info about why here:

AllTheShoes Mon 12-Sep-16 07:20:08

Have you looked at Kindercoats? Does everything you ask but I don't know about arm length (arms were too long on me but I'm short!).

It was my second pregnant treat to myself and the best money I spent second time around, I used it for years.

Doesn't look great, but it's so practical and if you know you will sling a lot then definitely worth it. I mostly used the fleece bit as I found the waterproof bit rather crackly, but was good to have both for rain / snow.

rainbowgrimm Mon 12-Sep-16 07:28:54

You are completly correct about slings & pram suits - it doesn't allow for correct positioning, tightening & risks overheating. I have the opposite problem in that my arms are quite short. Have you looked at Babipur or love to be natural websites? Not sure if they'd have what you need but both have excellent customer service & will help. Do you follow wrap you in love on fb? She looks quite tall, you might find some ideas.
Custom panel for you current coat? I've seen them on fb groups, wouldn't solve your back carrying issue but would be a start. Also Vertbauder quite often has a baby wearing parka (front carry only) reduced to £23. Really warm, big panel & sleeves are ridiculously long on me.

rainbowgrimm Mon 12-Sep-16 07:33:44

Lenny lamb have got some reduced

MrsHulk Mon 12-Sep-16 07:34:09

The link you've provided says the same thing I said - very bulky pram suits may make the sling fit less well and some parents prefer to use fleece suits as these are less bulky.

". Bulky padded suits can affect how well a baby fits in a carrier, wrap or sling, and so some parents favour Fleece suits – these are less bulky but still very warm. "

Note they're only saying padded suits CAN affect fit, not that they absolutely will, or that there's any rule against using them.

As I said above, it's very common to see babies in pram suits and slings. You just need to apply your common sense about how warm they need to be - in general the rule of thumb is that babies need one more layer than you do.

Obviously if you manage to wear them under your coat they won't also need a pram suit, but you do have options to wear them over your coat/jacket and put them in a pram suit, it's fine.

Hufflepuffin Mon 12-Sep-16 07:56:43

Have you ever tried putting a baby in a wide based carrier in a full snowsuit? It completely messes with the fit. Fine for short distances but no good for lots of carrying everyday.

What sort of cost are you after, op? I used my husband's coats for front carrying and then bought a fleece with back carrying option for £30 from eBay for the second winter. If it was wet we both wore rain gear underneath.

Have you looked at the jojo maman Bebe one? No back carrying but will get you through preg and first six months (if arms are long enough!)

You could look at baby wearing ponchos to avoid the arm problem.

Or next do an insert that's all flowery so might look ok with your current cost as its so obviously non matching?!

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