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So now I remember why I don't use perfume...

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MandyFl0ss Sat 10-Sep-16 07:59:00

I stopped using perfume when DC were born, over 13 years ago now. I started working 2 years ago and I have gradually updated my wardrobe, hair and make up to make it more suited to a work environment. I recently decided to give perfume another go but after this week, I remember why I stopped using it in the first place. I find that perfume goes stale on me before the end of the day and stinks. Many of my work clothes don't need washing after I wear them, I just hand them for a day for ventilation after wearing them and then stick them back in the wardrobe. When I open the wardrobe I get that stale smell of perfume that is almost like sweat. I hope others can't smell it on me but chances are they can, as I can sometimes smell it on other women. Do you know what I mean and does this happen to you?

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