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How would you style this dress?

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NotTooBothered Fri 09-Sep-16 13:43:49

Red shift from Zara.

I picked this up yesterday and am thinking of wearing it out to dinner with friends on Saturday evening. (Not a very fancy dinner, but maybe slightly dressed up.) I am completely out of styling inspiration. Would you the lovely S&B next of fashion vipers have any ideas? smile

RickOShay Fri 09-Sep-16 14:40:45

That is a really nice dress. Good choice. I like hot pink with red. Perhaps hot pink shoes. Do you need a something warmer for your shoulders later? a longline drapey Cardigan I think would look nice, I would go for a neutral charcoal grey, or cream.

CaitAgusMadra Fri 09-Sep-16 14:47:44

I'd go with black sandals, something like these or cage sandals. Maybe ankle boots if it's wet.

Would wear with a black or grey biker. Accessorise with a clutch (black or animal print) and stacked bracelets or a statement cuff

Bit wintry but it's currently pouring rain where I am...

Lovely dress btw

Runningupthathill82 Fri 09-Sep-16 18:49:34

What Cait says. Please don't ruin that lovely dress with a draped cardigan.

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