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Eye liner question for an older lady.

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Sosidges Fri 09-Sep-16 07:44:20

I am approaching 70 and the only make up I wear is a blusher or bronzer and occasionally foundation. I used to wear a little eye make up, but my crepey old eyes don't look that good with it.

Recently people have been asking me if I feel ok. I think it is because my eyes are a bit puffy and red. I tried a little grey eye shadow of the upper lid and just under my lower lashes. I looked like I had just lost a fight with the ash pan.

Any ideas would be grately appreciated. No limit on the budget for the right product

LazySusan11 Fri 09-Sep-16 08:12:19

Have a look at YouTube, lots of helpful videos on there. Wayne Goss is pretty good

botemp Fri 09-Sep-16 08:46:57

An eye primer (by Urban Decay, Laura Mercier, or a Mac Paint Pot) to knock out the red a bit might do the trick if you want to keep it looking natural.

Colour correcting with green concealer is another possibility but the subsequent layering of products might not work out in your favour.

If you're near a Bobbi Brown counter it would be a good idea to have them demo their Intensive Skin Serum Concealer and Corrector (2 separate products that you can use together) to brighten the under eye area. Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier are both v. good counters for these sort of things with well trained staff.

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