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joules coats...

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celeryisnotasuperfood Thu 08-Sep-16 18:03:26

Am considering buying one - quite a big amount for me to spend and not bought from them before.
Its a new item so i know its unlikely anyone has it - but is their quality generally good?
What i don't want is an item that only lasts a year or isn't up to being used regularly in snow and rain...
Oh and its this one...

AppleJac Thu 08-Sep-16 18:07:06

I ve never had a joules but i did buy dd who is 3 a joules one afew weeks ago. It is beautiful!!! The quality is excellent and it looks more than a standard coat. The one i bought her is here....|GYBLOOM

However i ve looked at the coat that you are interested in and tbh it looks a lot of money for something very very basic and nothing special about it.

celeryisnotasuperfood Thu 08-Sep-16 18:08:55

ooh and whats the sizing like?
My hips and bust are what they call a 14 in the sizing guide - but I don't want it to be snug on - nice and loose for comfort and layers underneath. So do I order a 14 and assume that the coat is designed to be over layers or get a 16? I haven't got cash to order both and then send one back so want to try and get it right first time!

carrielou2007 Thu 08-Sep-16 18:40:17

Do you live anywhere near their outlets? Or have a look on their eBay store, last year's navy and dark green are £69.95 (I tried one on in outlet). I find their sizing true to size if not a little generous. Fine with a jumper under but not a thick fleecy one. I prefer a double zip so I can zip up and undo the bottom one a bit. If you do order it quckers will get you 25% off until sat

carrielou2007 Thu 08-Sep-16 18:41:31

Quacker with an s my phone won't let me write without autocorrecting it <old gimmer can't work out how to turn that off grin>

celeryisnotasuperfood Thu 08-Sep-16 18:48:33

Thanks -will take a look at eBay. I came across it because a friend pointed out that discount!

Wearegoingtobedlehem Thu 08-Sep-16 18:54:07

I think Joules coats are fab. Me and the girls have them in our house. Between my two daughters we have one coat going into its fourth winter and frankly it still looks as good as new once it's had a quick wash. In our experience they wear well, wash well and remain weather proof. I know they are expensive but seem value for money. Hth

YoungGirlGrowingOld Thu 08-Sep-16 19:03:29

I have a joules tweed jackets which I have worn to death and it still looks great.

Also joules online is 20% off everything until midnight tonight using code QUACK. (In case you need further persuasion...) wink

YoungGirlGrowingOld Thu 08-Sep-16 19:05:10

Sorry cross post with carrie - she is right and it's 25% (even better OP!) although I think the code is QUACK not QUACKERS grin

SellFridges Thu 08-Sep-16 19:08:00

I have a Mac from Joules, bought this summer in the sale. It's VERY waterproof and looks smart or casual depending on what you wear with it so that suits me.

In terms of sizing, I think it's generous. I am a definite 14, sometimes 16 over the chest and I have a 12 which fits perfectly. I also bought some jeans and they've been falling down all day so could have done with a 12 there too. I am a firm 14 in Oasis, Warehouse etc.

Waffles80 Thu 08-Sep-16 20:15:27

I've got this exact coat - and I'm really pleased with it. Two years old now and still looks smart and waterproofing has held.

It's really warm, and the hood is good - slightly peaked.

Think I bought with a 20% off offer.

celeryisnotasuperfood Thu 08-Sep-16 20:40:36

thats good to hear waffles - I hope the current version is as good as yours
I am poised to buy...

Nearlyadoctor Thu 08-Sep-16 21:45:12

Quack or Quackers give you 25% off, emails say Quack, Joules Facebook page says Quackers!

celeryisnotasuperfood Thu 08-Sep-16 22:40:49

Thanks - done it. Let's see if it's a keeper...

HildaHippo Thu 08-Sep-16 23:09:21

They are more of a fashion item than a good warm coat . Try something like Jack Wolfskin . They look similar but are of much better quality.

Mrs9C Thu 08-Sep-16 23:15:23

I've got 3 Joules coats, wouldn't hesitate to get another either. They're very good. The best thing about them is that I wore the quilted one over 3 winters and washed it umpteen times and still looks good as new. I bought my daughter the grey bloom was, was so sad she didn't like it! She did comment how warm it was, but prefers plainer patterns.

YoungGirlGrowingOld Sat 10-Sep-16 17:59:04

Bloody Mumsnet. Just went to look at the OP's coat and ended up buying loads of bedding that I don't need cos it's pwetty. angry

Mumstudentbum Sat 10-Sep-16 23:05:16

Thanks op that's just the type of coat I've been looking for smile

I've never bought a joules coat before but DD has one as it's fab! She complains about the cold a lot as she's quite slim and with this coat she's dry and toasty.

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