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Finery London - Bad Customer Service

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realhousewifeoffitzrovia Thu 08-Sep-16 14:28:50

Just wanted to post about some pretty appalling customer service from Finery.
My best friend ordered £300 worth of clothing from Finery, in two sizes, to try at home. The parcel was delivered to her work address on 16 July (a Saturday). She tried everything on, and it turned out that the smaller size was too small, and the bigger size was too big, so she parcelled everything up in perfect condition, labels on etc., and returned it to Finery on Monday 1 August. Finery received the parcel Tuesday or Wednesday but claimed that the return was outside Finery’s 14-day return policy (which, by the way, Finery calculates on the basis of calendar days and not working days). As a result, Finery simply sent the parcel back to my friend i.e. refused to accept the return. She now has £300 worth of clothing that doesn’t fit her, because of Finery’s inflexible return policy.
Obviously she should have posted it sooner, but I would think that any company that values customer service would grant a few days’ grace (and/or not count weekend days in the calculation of 14 days!). She has emailed Finery back and forth and they refuse to do anything nor would they accept my friend’s offer to return only the items which were too small and that she would keep the items which were too big (which she would alter at her own expense). Finery’s only proposal was to give her a code for 10% off her next purchase . . . I think they are missing the point!).
Seems like my BF is not the only one who has had problems with Finery, by the way:
Anyway just wanted to flag this for anyone thinking of ordering online from them.

herecomesthsun Thu 08-Sep-16 15:28:53

St. Bustier are just as bad. They have a system apparently that blocks refunds after the 14 day cut off. I did manage to get the goods back in time for the refund but was surprised at how rigid it was.

I check the returns policy very carefully before I order anything. Boden is just beyond wonderful, John Lewis and Marks are pretty good and TK MAxx is not bad, as I can return to a store in person fairly easily.

realhousewifeoffitzrovia Thu 08-Sep-16 15:47:13

That's crazy re St. Bustier! I think you are right to check the returns policy carefully before ordering and I will definitely be doing the same myself.

DianaT1969 Thu 08-Sep-16 16:32:22

I would always expect the 14 days or 30 days on a refund policy to be calendar days, not working days.

CreamTeaFor4 Thu 08-Sep-16 16:35:02

John Lewis sells Finery online now, if you want good customer service and a longer return period (although I too would expect 15 calendar days rather than working days).

SwearyGodmother Thu 08-Sep-16 16:38:03

They're in breach of the consumer contracts regulations surely? As she's sent it all back she has 28 days from the date of the order for them to receive the package (14 days to reject, 14 further days to return).

OlennasWimple Thu 08-Sep-16 16:44:35

I would also go on calendar days rather than working days - it's just simpler, isn't it - but would also check the T&Cs carefully before ordering from a new place for the first time.

realhousewifeoffitzrovia Thu 08-Sep-16 17:15:03

Thanks - guess that makes sense re calendar days and not working days. Also, thanks for the tip re Finery at John Lewis!

WaxyBean Thu 08-Sep-16 21:31:20

The quality of finery clothing given the price also leaves something to be desired.

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