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Upper lip lines

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BeJayKayven Thu 08-Sep-16 12:34:23

Can anyone recommend a topical cream that really helps with these please

flagnogbagnog Thu 08-Sep-16 14:13:42

Sorry I don't have anything to recommend but watching with interest

gonegrey56 Thu 08-Sep-16 14:16:08

I have had a tiny bit of filler put into the vertical ones. No duck face look, just makes these lines disappear (I do not have filler in the actual lips). Works brilliantly ! Lasts 2 years or so.

dragonsarebest Thu 08-Sep-16 14:25:03

Not a permanent solution I'm sure but I've been using HadoLabo premium hyuralonic (sp?) acid stuff and mine just aren't there any more. I expect they'd come back if I stopped using it, but it's working for me right now. Skin looked loads better after a few days.

This is the one I'm using

Nabootique Thu 08-Sep-16 14:46:21

It depends on the cause. If you are dehydrated, as in the surface layers of your skin are lacking in water, then a product like the one dragons recommends would work. If it's a sign of ageing, then a retinoid can reduce them, but I would think it's a tricky area as retinoids probably aren't something you'd want to get on your actual lip. I plan on doing what gonegrey has done in a couple of years, I think. I have two tiny ones.

BeJayKayven Thu 08-Sep-16 14:53:38

Thanks all. I'm going to try that dragon , I've seen it recommended on here before as well. The rest of my face seems to be holding up well but I have an awful habit of tensing/pursing my mouth so it's had a bad effect. I look like I smoke 40 a day (I don't smoke)

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