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Clearasil super fruit pads

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Pencilplant Thu 08-Sep-16 06:30:14

I love the Clearasil Superfruit Refreshing pads and managed to get them from Amazon because they are never in the shops. But they are out of stock. Does anyone know where I could get some? Thanks.

Nabootique Thu 08-Sep-16 08:12:32

As far as I know, they've been discontinued, so those that were available on Amazon and places like Pound Land for a while were from existing stock. I think the other Clearasil pads are pretty similar though, without the fruity element. Check ingredients for salicylic acid. That's the ingredient that is doing the work for you. Nip+Fab so some Dragon's Blood pads that contain it, but are very mild. The Extreme Nights pads from the same range also have it, plus glycolic. There's usually some sort of deal on in Boots so it would put them in a similar price range.

43andcounting Thu 08-Sep-16 08:51:47

oh no! I didn't realize they were discontinued. I sympathise pencil I am about to come to the end of my supply that I bought in bulk from Original Factory Store. Gutted they are discontinued!

Nabootique Thu 08-Sep-16 09:37:23

The Stridex ones might be a good alternative as well, although I've not tried them myself. Salicylic and affordable. The Superfruits ones seem to still be stocked in the States, or a lot of people still have stock at least, so you can get them shipped over if you really wanted to.

Pencilplant Thu 08-Sep-16 10:31:20

Oh no disaster. The other ones don't suit me at all and I've tried Nip + Fab and they weren't as good for me.
So I need to book a quick flight to the states.
Thanks so much X

ageingrunner Thu 08-Sep-16 10:32:27

I was going to suggest Stridex too. They've got salicylic in but no alcohol. Can get them from amazon

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