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Dark pigmentation on face from pregnancy

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user1473266567 Wed 07-Sep-16 18:06:39

Hi, has anybody else suffered with the above? I have a patch above my top lip and also above my eyebrows! I am 3 months post labour now and it hasn't improved at all. Amy advise on creams etc that have been used and worked would be really helpful 😊

IWillOnlyEatBeans Wed 07-Sep-16 21:24:27

I had dark pigmentation on my face - I tried all sorts but it only cleared up when I got pregnant!

Dermalogica Day Bright and Night Bright helped a bit, as did no 7 Protect and Perfect serum (thr original one, I think there are a few versions around now)

Maybe also try an exfoliating toner like Pixi glow?

Orangedaisy Wed 07-Sep-16 21:30:59

Have dark patches on my face (between eyebrows and top of one cheek) since being pregnant with DD, who is 2.5 now. Now 16 weeks pg with no. 2, colour hasn't gone since last time and expect it to get worse again. I recall it started about when line down from belly button appeared, not sure if there's a link. Decent concealer hides it but tbh I don't mind it, kind of a scar to remind me that I made DD (with help from DP) [cringe, sorry].

botemp Wed 07-Sep-16 21:37:52

It might be melasma, something with 4-5% niacinamide has been shown to be effective. However a dermatologist will be the best to advise on this.

Cerave PM lotion (available from Amazon) has the necessary % of niacinamide as do some Olay products.

botemp Wed 07-Sep-16 21:38:57

Also, wear sunscreen to stop it from getting worse.

shirkingworking Wed 07-Sep-16 21:44:06

Yup - wear factor 50 (with a mineral physical block in) every day (visible light causes it too...) and see a dermatologist. The only thing working for me - not quickly - is Obagi Nu Derm and I've tried nearly everything else apart from lasers. V v expensive. But if you wear sunscreen religiously (and reapply in the day - sorry...) it could well fade as 3 months after labour is nothing! Good luck!

MassDebate Wed 07-Sep-16 22:07:17

Me too - pregnancy induced melasma sad. Glycolic acid has helped for me, plus strong sunscreen and wearing a hat when out in the sun (eg on holiday). It gets significantly more noticeable if I catch the sun. Unfortunately there's not much else you can do - you may be lucky and it go away by itself but my youngest is nearly 3 and mine seems to be here to stay.

KittyKrap Wed 07-Sep-16 22:23:52

I have a patch by my hairline, it looks like I've dyed my hair and haven't washed it all off - my youngest is 15 confused

emesmum Wed 07-Sep-16 22:30:23

Thank you ladies I will definatly be trying some of these suggestions. I wouldn't be to bothered but it's the patch above my lip that effects me the most as it looks like a moustache sad. Nobody I know has got this during pregnancy!!

shirkingworking Thu 08-Sep-16 11:11:44

A few women do get it in pregnancy but for most it goes away. I first got it when on a strong contraceptive 10 years ago and it's got worse each pregnancy (3 children). Spf and hats are crucial. It might fade if you are just really diligent about sun protection. If it doesn't, Obagi is the only thing that has made any difference for me and it's very gradual and not perfect... I tried kligman cream (prescribed - don't work), hydroquinone in it's own (didn't work), skinceuticals products (didn't work), cosmelan (didn't work), tried every b**dy lotion out there (Clinique, everything in boots, a lot of extremely expensive creams in spacenk).

It's horrible but I am seeing quite a big improvement now. Don't waste your money on lotions and potions you can buy without a prescription though! Good luck.

minipie Thu 08-Sep-16 21:46:39

I have this too - patch on my forehead from pregnancy 4 years ago. It fades a bit in winter and comes back if I catch the sun (cba with factor 50 and hats). I also have milder patches from taking Dianette recently to sort my acne - hoping these go once I stop the pill!

Dermatologist has told me the best cure and only thing that really works is a chemical peel - but it's £££ ans you need to hide for 2 weeks afterwards as you look burnt and scabby shock

Lutrine Thu 08-Sep-16 22:05:28

I had this, every time I went in the sun from 30 weeks onwards it would get worse even with factor 50 on, and was terrible in places like my cheekbones where I already had sun damage. I seem to be lucky for once and at a month post partum it's going away very quickly (the stretch marks and weird brown belly button could do with doing the same!). I'm using a really thick heavy face moisturiser right now, just in case it's not coincidence and is helping it go away, it's this one:

MoonHare Thu 08-Sep-16 22:11:04

I had a couple of small patches. They went away eventually. Kirstie Allsop had a large patch across her face. Can't remember if it was with her first or second pregnancy but it was clearly visible in episodes of LLL and she doesn't appear to have it anymore. I think it generally goes after baby arrives.

JohnCheese Thu 08-Sep-16 22:19:51

A few sessions of IPL worth a go?

shirkingworking Sat 10-Sep-16 19:33:55

Yup - it does go on its own eventually in 90% of cases. Be careful with lasers and IPL as it can make it much worse - definitely go to a doctor who is a dermatologist not a beauty salon!

Seqkat Sat 10-Sep-16 19:47:03

I get it from the contraceptive pill, and it does fade away again, but tends to take 2-3 years for me I'm afraid, during which I have to be careful to use sunscreen ALL the time, or I get new patches. So although it's slow, there is a some hope of it going on its own.

Danglyweed Sat 10-Sep-16 19:56:24

I have this down the back/side of my calf. I had no idea it went away though or that you could do anything to make it better?! I think I've had it since I was pregnant with dd5. Def got worse while preg with the dt's now almost 2.

Sorry, please excuse my total lack of knowledge but interestingly dd's friend 7 came home from summer hols with a large brown patch thats the same, why would that happen with a child?

ProjectGainsborough Sat 10-Sep-16 21:36:50

Not sure why it would happen to a child.

I have had it for years post birth and have had amazing success with M&S vitamin c serum, recently.

Landoni112 Sun 11-Sep-16 09:10:53

Think laser treatment can do something to help, but there's a risk you can make it worse.

bearleftmonkeyright Sun 11-Sep-16 09:17:00

Following with interest. I have had it for a while. My youngest is 8 and it has got worse if anything. I have patches on my chin and one near my eye. I went to Boots yesterday and had a colour matched foundation that evens out skin tone and have been using Palmers Cocoa oil which I think has helped. I think I will have a look at that serum that project suggested.

WatchingFromTheWings Sun 11-Sep-16 09:25:39

I have this too - patch on my forehead from pregnancy 4 years ago. It fades a bit in winter and comes back if I catch the sun (cba with factor 50 and hats). I also have milder patches from taking Dianette recently to sort my acne - hoping these go once I stop the pill!

Mine started from taking Dianette. It never cleared up and I came off it about 8 years ago. Only took it to clear up acne and really wish I hadn't bothered.

I developed other patches when I had my youngest. He's just turned 5 and those have never cleared either. They get worse in the summer.

As per pp, only real cure is a chemical peel.

shirkingworking Sun 11-Sep-16 10:18:07

I got it originally from Dianette too - pre- children 10 yrs ago. But if I had taken Dianette and had absolutely no exposure to UV (not possible) it would not have developed.

It's got worse each pregnancy (3 of them) despite serious spf dedication.

I've seen very good dermatologists about melasma (different from age or sun spots although looks the same and both require proper mineral spf plus any treatment) and was warned against laser although it 'can' help some people. If you try laser, try it slowly and try on a very small patch first.

There are loads of good medical papers on treating melasma and only a few treatments that are 'proven' to help. Do your research first before you decide who to see. Once you understand what causes it and the process, you can see why some things work (or don't). For some people, it can fade (very slowly over a few years) just if you are diligent with spf/hats etc. For others, you'll need a vitamin c/hydroquinone/exfoliating acid/retin-a regime. Chemical peels didn't help me (very temporary mild improvement for me but still had to use serious concealer to cover it) but they can and do help people when it's not so stubborn.

If it's 'proper' persistent melasma, anything you buy in Boots or SpaceNK etc. will not help. You need something a lot stronger.

Re the child with the patch - I'd go to the doctor about that ASAP.

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