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It's exactly a year since I last coloured my hair...

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StillMedusa Tue 06-Sep-16 23:54:45

And you know what? I'm glad I did it.
I was very unsure..I'm 48... have dyed it since I was a teen and had no idea what my real colour was any more except I knew there was some grey at the front.
I had a horrid short hair cut , hated it and thought 'fuck it' ..I was never quite happy with the colour.. first week too dark, then ok for a few weeks, then roots..then dye again. A year in my old dye has lightened from a dark brown to a dark blonde. My own hair is light brown with streaks of white..all blending surprisingly well ( a few people have asked if I have had it streaked) and I am FREE of the treadmill of colouring it. The uncoloured hair is so much healthier than the old ends, which are gradually being trimmed out as it grows.
I know it's not for everyone, but just incase it encourages anyone thinking of 'going grey'... it really hasn't been so bad! The first three months were the worst as the roots grew, but now my long side fringe is all natural (white at the parting in streaks) I can ride the rest of the grow out journey ok.

In fact I wish it would get greyer faster!!!

MrsJayy Wed 07-Sep-16 00:07:47

Good for you, Im really wanting to go grey now but its not coming through how i expected I have grey roots and then brown hairdresser suggested i highlights instead of all over so grey comes through and it doesnt look daft. My friend has lovely grey hair im envious of it

retainertrainer Wed 07-Sep-16 07:50:43

I don't dye my hair but I'm starting to get my first few greys and it's posts like yours that are making me think I should just let it go naturally. I'm 36 so early days,I'll see how I feel about it once I start to get more.

DoItTooJulia Wed 07-Sep-16 07:53:56

I stopped colouring my hair a few years ago now. I'm a dark mousy brown. I'm 36 too and the grey is coming. I just hope I get a nice effect with it.

Glad you posted!

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