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Help, family photo shoot - what to wear?!

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Sheusedtobesomeonelse Tue 06-Sep-16 14:53:42

I have finally booked a photo shoot for my 2 DDs and myself, something i’ve been meaning to do for years – ever since DD1 was born.

The photographer has asked me if we can wear similar colour or matching tops and matching bottoms, I don’t mind us all wearing jeans as that’s something we all have. DD2 is incredibly fussy with her clothes so hoping to find a plain (grey?) top that is not see through – that will be easy to wear again!

It’ll be on the beach and probably could wear short sleeves but would prefer ¾ length / long sleeves (not in the UK).

Where can I find something?! I’m a size 12 (15-16 in junior sizes?) and a small 7 year old and 9 ½ year old. H&M have not come up trumps as I was hoping – Boden for a plain top but not sure on the sizing for me - would a 165-16yo size fit? Or their prices… Next is not doing it for me either.

What has anyone else worn doing this? If I can’t find anything exactly the same I’d rather go for different and not white as it’ll never be worn again!

Any help/other ideas gratefully received!

sweetheart Tue 06-Sep-16 15:55:32

Do you have a room in mind of where the pictures might hang? What colour is that room? try and tie the colours together. If not being that you'll be by the sea I'd just stick with neutral tones - blue / white / grey and maybe 1 accent colour if you're feeling brave. Try to avoid anything too patterned or frilly as otherwise the photo's will date.

Jeans, tshirts and cardigans could work well. Something simple

sweetheart Tue 06-Sep-16 16:05:53

If you google family photoshoot clothing and look at the images there are lots of ideas there.

Optimist1 Tue 06-Sep-16 16:08:25

Brand new white T-shirts with sleeves of any length, teamed with jeans or cutoffs would be good in my view. (Warning : I am not a S&B guru by any means, but think that this look wouldn't date too quickly and would suit all of you.)

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