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What is your hair 'routine'?

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knitknack Mon 05-Sep-16 18:24:30

Just pondering now that term has started again. Do you wash your hair at night and style in the morning, or wash and style in the morning? Or shave it all off so as to never have to spend another minute worrying about such trivia?!

I never really feel I get it right and generally end up with lack lustre hair... I suppose I'm really asking whether anyone has any words of wisdom for me in this?!

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Mon 05-Sep-16 18:29:07

I wash mine every morning because I have shit hair and wake up with greasy 'bed hair' every day regardless of when it was last washed

my current style is quite short (think Jed in Night Manager) so easy to dry & style

I can shower & dry hair in about 20 mind so easily fits in my morning routine

I get it cut approx every 8 weeks

Spiderpigspiderpig Mon 05-Sep-16 18:33:21

I shower most mornings, using only shampoo as hair will instantly look greasy with conditioner. Towel dry then stick it in a bobble.
I don't brush or blowdry it.
Once a week I slather it in coconut oil and use a tangle teaser. Leave it over night then wash off in morn.

bingohandjob Mon 05-Sep-16 18:55:49

I wash mine every three days as my hairdresser friend told me off for doing it too much! Routine when I do...Night before work, wash and properly style it with Babyliss Big Hair and some heat protective spray and it keeps pretty bouncy/shiny for next two days, might use spray and BBH on second morning. For last day before next wash, I shove it up in loose bun. Variations on that. Made a huge difference now I've grown out short bob to just on the shoulder - being able to put it up stops me fiddling with it and making it greasy & a quick fix when I'm near the next appointment. Joico Colorsaver shampoo helps keeps highlights looking fresh too - hairdresser recommended it & it does seem to help & I use some violet shampoo every few washes to keep brassiness at bay.

olderthanyouthink Mon 05-Sep-16 19:29:10

Every morning my hair gets co-washed, and shampooed once or twice a week. While my hair has conditioner in it I detangle -fingers then wide tooth then fine tooth combs. After the shower I put a small amount of coconut oil on the mid lengths and ends and then either gel or curl creme over the top. It air dries on the train, I usually have about half of it flipped forward or to the opposite site I want it to end up on. When I get off the train I sort out a "parting".

HeyMicky Mon 05-Sep-16 19:33:20

Reverse wash every morning. Turbitowel to get it nearly dry then pump it full of mousse. Rough dry upside down then use a round hot air brush on big pieces and wind round Velcro rollers. Take the rollers out in the nursery car park and fluff with fingers

I have very fine hair but this create lots of volume

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Mon 05-Sep-16 19:39:55

If I'm going to wash it, I do it before bed, blow dry and straighten it and then quickly go over any messy bits with GHDs in the morning. I find putting Elvive Extraordinary Oil on it when damp speeds up drying time, keeps it fairly straight and gives a nice shine.
For the school run, a parka with a hood is invaluable for damp mornings as it stops my hair turning into the style of Wurzel Gummidge grin

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Mon 05-Sep-16 19:41:44

Wash in the evening, three times a week, towel dry, run my fingers through, let the rest dry.

Morning use some styling product in, current favourite is a B&B one, that's it.

Very occasionally use the BBH.
I don't actually own a comb or a brush.

Spiderpigspiderpig Mon 05-Sep-16 19:45:45

Okay, what's a co-wash & a reverse wash?

WasDat Mon 05-Sep-16 19:49:06

So glad you asked this spiderpig! I was feeling old!

lovelilies Mon 05-Sep-16 19:53:36

I wash mine in the shower every other morning usually. Brush it. Dry naturally.
Easy easy

HeyMicky Mon 05-Sep-16 19:53:40

Reverse washing is conditioner followed by shampoo. I have very fine hair so the conditioner weighs it down - this way I get soft ends but volume at the scalp

Cocolepew Mon 05-Sep-16 19:53:42

I have a pixie and use wax in it so have to wash it every morning as it sticks straight up.
Wash, quick blast with hairdryer and rub a wax stick over it.

HeyMicky Mon 05-Sep-16 19:53:48

Reverse washing is conditioner followed by shampoo. I have very fine hair so the conditioner weighs it down - this way I get soft ends but volume at the scalp

GingerbreadGingerbread Mon 05-Sep-16 19:59:00

Wash it every morning with conditioner. I always wake up with it a greasy mess. I blow dry it and then use a barrel tong to give the ends some curl as it is naturally poker straight and very severe looking.

P1nkP0ppy Mon 05-Sep-16 20:04:02

When it was shorter I washed/blow dried it virtually every day, now it's a bit longer it's every other day.
I never use conditioner, can't remember the last time, and my hair's very fine. I use mousse for volume and can't wait for it to get to shoulder length!

HoneyDragon Mon 05-Sep-16 20:06:00

I shaved it off so I didn't have to worry about this trivia.

SparklesandBangs Mon 05-Sep-16 20:16:13

My morning routine for over 30 years has been straight from bed to the shower, hair wash and condition, towel dry, put on make up, finish hair off with hairdryer and fingers (or brush when slightly long), wax to finish and I'm ready for the day.
Can' do without my morning refresh, this is not helped with my hair standing on end every morning, in fact it would take me longer to calm it down than it does to wash and dry.
I have had a short style for most of the time occasionally I have grown it to a shortish bob, but I like the easy of a short spiky style and get it cut every 5-6 weeks.

Spiderpigspiderpig Mon 05-Sep-16 20:19:07

grin wasdat me too!

Thanks heymicky

sleepachu Mon 05-Sep-16 20:35:18

mine's chest length, curly/wavy with a full fringe, and THICK as anything. I wash and condition every other morning, turbi towel while I dress (and do makeup if I'm bothering, usually don't) then blast dry and straighten the roots, scrunch the ends with water to make it wavy. usually looks a mess the day it's washed then better the next day when I go over it again with the straighteners.

so jealous of the people who can get away without conditioner! mine would just go "scccrrrrrr hahahaha no" if I tried to brush it without conditioning

Spiderpigspiderpig Mon 05-Sep-16 20:38:08

What's turbi towel? blush

Judydreamsofhorses Mon 05-Sep-16 20:42:03

Mine's a short bob, Louise Brooks style. I get up, make tea, shower and wash/condition hair, get makeup on, dress, eat breakfast, then dry/straighten it. I look deranged first thing before it's washed, and since getting a Parlux drying takes virtually no time - I've always washed every day.

HeyMicky Mon 05-Sep-16 20:42:33

Microfibre towel that you can wind up into a turban. Gets my hair about 90% dry before I have to blow dry it

Spiderpigspiderpig Mon 05-Sep-16 20:45:08

Thanks again heymicky grin I'm learning!

midnightmoomoo Mon 05-Sep-16 21:46:23

My hair takes too long to dry and I'd rather stay in bed longer so I wash mine every other night, dry it if I can be bothered and straighten it in the morning (takes longer if I didn't dry it the night before).

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