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Help me find wide fitting lace up ankle boots!

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Shantotto Mon 05-Sep-16 10:05:05

I have stupid feet so I need to wear insoles every day. I'm really bad at it but in trying to look after myself better. This means I can't wear any of the boots I have, Chelsea boot styles don't hold my foot in place properly.

I also have big size 8 feet, which means it's a struggle to cram my foot and the insole in and it still fit.

Anyone any suggestions on some nice, wide fit, lace up boots? I'll wear them with boots and skirts. Something waterproof would be good as in still endless walking my 13 month old so he will nap in the day.

Ive looked at Clarks but they are all hideous.

Shantotto Mon 05-Sep-16 10:17:46

I like these these Ilse Jacobsen but no idea what the fit is like, and they probably are too welly like for when I'm not actually out in rain. I think I'm asking too much!

goldensolait Mon 05-Sep-16 11:57:23

Honestly, if you find any let me know grin

I too have to wear insoles for stupid feet and had to bin most of my shoes.. and all my heels sad Size 7 and wide here too, plus had a mortons neuroma and I need a wide toe box so the problem doesn't come back.

I tend to stick to dr martens (and trainers) now, both given the thumbs up by the podiatrist. Realise DMs aren't a style that everyone likes though.

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