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Pure Gassato cashmere advice

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ilovecherries Mon 05-Sep-16 08:46:19

I ordered a long edge to edge Gassato cardi from Pure. It's a gorgeous colour and it suits me, but it feels incredibly fragile. I'm not adverse to paying for something that lasts, but I'm hard on cardigans anyway - huge norks seem to cause a lot of rubbing on coats, seat belts, even arms. I have 4 different boyfriend cardigans from them, one about 5 years old, the rest 2-4 years old. They're worn daily October - April, and although they need to be de-fuzzed regularly, they are still in good shape - but they feel a much heavier weight fabric. Anyone any experience of the Gassato? Are they special occasion wear or will they stand up to frequent wearing and washing as necessary?

Floisme Mon 05-Sep-16 10:15:10

I've never bought Gassato but I've seen it and agree it looks incredibly fragile. In your shoes, I would contact Pure customer service. I've always found them really helpful and they're far too savvy to try and talk you into buying something that's not right for you.

prettywhiteguitar Mon 05-Sep-16 12:59:52

I have the gassato Bardot jumper, I know it looks very delicate but mine did the same as yours, lots and lots of bobbling and a bit stretchy, I asked at the shop and the lady advised thats those in particular need combing regularly and washing by hand, it calmed down considerably and I wore it almost every day last winter ! Comb every time you wear it, there is an unusual amount of cashmere in it ! And washing it brings it back looking like new each time.

ilovecherries Mon 05-Sep-16 14:54:16

Thanks! I think I'm going to risk hanging onto it, it does look lovely. It's sort of counter intuitive to take a piece of metal sandpaper to them, but it certainly perks my cashmere right up, and makes a nice relaxing Sunday evening pastime!

prettywhiteguitar Mon 05-Sep-16 18:29:49

Ooh I know I was so worried as so much came off my jumper I thought it would go threadbare, but it really has helped and it calmed down after a couple of washes. It really is my favourite jumper grin

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