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Frizzy hair solution while breastfeeding

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AmateurExpert Mon 05-Sep-16 00:58:44

Subject doesn't really explain it very well, but. I have seriously frizzy, wild hair (Caucasian). It basically looks like I've been electrocuted but is not really that curly, just a wild mass of Brillo-esque frizz. To tame it, I've had the Yuko system (heavy duty Japanese straightening) for several years, which is amazing. Had to take a break due to hair bleach mishap (became too weak to treat) and then pregnancy.

Baby is now 6 weeks and I NEED to get it done again as I now just don't have time for the 3 hours of blow drying and straightening needed to tame my hair every time I wash it.

But I'm breastfeeding and Yuko takes 5+ hours plus travel time so I can't see that happening any time soon. It might sound frivolous but my shit hair is really getting me down. I just don't feel groomed with it in its natural state.

Do you think I could find someone who could do the Yuko at home? Would it be worth asking my Yuko hairdresser if he would come to me? Or are there any other quicker but heavy duty straightening treatments that anyone could recommend (bearing in mind my hair is about the thickest, coarsest, frizziest imaginable).

I'm also slightly concerned about the fumes with the baby so also interested in natural solutions, formaldehyde free etc

Thank you!

Strokethefurrywall Mon 05-Sep-16 01:02:24

I've done yuko but left my 3b curly hair pin straight and with no volume. Also killed my hair so I'd not do it again
Now I just get keratin to tame the frizz, pretty sure you can get that now you're no long pregnant?

Less hours in the chair but will at least tame the wildness if you don't mind a slight curl?

Strokethefurrywall Mon 05-Sep-16 01:05:44

And also you don't sound frivolous at all! I have 3b curly hair and it's taken years of taming for me to get to a point where I'm comfortable with it. Keratin and GHDs are my best friends!

Strokethefurrywall Mon 05-Sep-16 01:07:21

My curly hair makes me feel less groomed or neat. My straight and swishy hair makes me feel groomed and I look ok with no make up, as long as my hair is decent.

Basically my hair is my "thing" - I know how much hair can have an impact on how we see ourselves...

AmateurExpert Mon 05-Sep-16 01:15:36

thanks- I know, I feel like going out with my natural hair is like wearing badly creased clothes or something - it just doesn't feel tidy.

Would the keratin work on my hair? it's really quite wiry and tough. Any particular treatment? I do have a great hairdresser who does my Yuko but somehow manages not to leave it without volume, but I just can't invest the hours in the salon right now.

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