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Navy Dress

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CoolToned Sun 04-Sep-16 11:29:55

I'm at a loss what to wear with navy - aside from white, what else?

SilentlyScreamingAgain Sun 04-Sep-16 11:35:55


Floisme Sun 04-Sep-16 11:54:45

I know what you mean, navy's always touted on here as a neutral but I never find it goes with as many things as I expect. I think it's more about the shade than the colour itself e.g. I think pinks, purples, reds, other blues, greens, greys yellows can all work with it but only if the shade is right.

I wear it mostly with green. I know I know and green etc etc but it works for me. And metallics.

Joinourclub Sun 04-Sep-16 11:57:20

Maroon/burgundy , mustard yellow, olive green

JohnCheese Sun 04-Sep-16 12:01:25

Agree with Flo. I have a navy dress and love it but it's the darnedest to match with tights and shoes.
Grey is my usual but it's not easy to find decent grey tights, and a grey snakeskin belt.

MumiTravels Sun 04-Sep-16 12:05:01

Tan would be my firsf go to.

Or like a taupe/nude colour.

GinAndOnIt Sun 04-Sep-16 12:13:56

A blush pink looks nice with navy, or tan as others have said.

BikeRunSki Sun 04-Sep-16 12:20:33

I wear grey semi opaque tights ang black ankle boots.

JohnCheese Sun 04-Sep-16 12:26:27

Can I ask where you get your tights BikeRun?

polyhymnia Sun 04-Sep-16 12:32:19

I wear a lot of navy - and most of the colours already mentioned with it. Particularly like grey - I always get grey opaques from M and S, preferably Autograph.
I also like navy with black a lot - think it's quite stylish.

Floisme Sun 04-Sep-16 12:32:46

Sorry op, were you thinking mostly about tights?

blush <Considers name change to Malvoliflo>

Grey. Normally M&S Autograph but Wolford if I'm feeling really reckless.

polyhymnia Sun 04-Sep-16 12:33:30

And metallics- silver or pewter.

CoolToned Sun 04-Sep-16 12:35:56

Actually more of coverups, shoes. Tights too, but I don't have anything other than black tights.

It's just to hard for me to pair navy! I don't know how it is a neutral. :P

BikeRunSki Sun 04-Sep-16 12:39:45

JohnCleese TKMaxx or Amazon

There's a brand called Elle that I like.

JohnCheese Sun 04-Sep-16 12:43:54

And Flo and polyh too, for the tights recommendations.

I like navy and black but it looks v 'heavy' on me.

MintyChops Sun 04-Sep-16 13:50:23

Inspiration galore and she has done posts matching the same navy dress with brights and muted tones. Such great ideas!

justilou Sun 04-Sep-16 14:24:05

Greys look great with Navy. Some people like mustard yellow (but I haaaate it)

GinAndOnIt Sun 04-Sep-16 14:36:42

I really like the lavender pairing from Minty's post

wheatchief Sun 04-Sep-16 14:39:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maidupmum Sun 04-Sep-16 14:58:10

Oh, now I want that Lands End dress but its £90!!

gonegrey56 Sun 04-Sep-16 15:03:11

I wear a favourite dark navy dress with a burnt orange bag. Always get favourable comments.

Sleepthief Sun 04-Sep-16 15:12:06

Neon pink!

PhyllisWig Sun 04-Sep-16 15:33:56

Red, tan/camel and green.

QueenofLouisiana Sun 04-Sep-16 20:29:47

Any one after the dress: HELLO gives you 20% discount. The dress is still £72 though..... I love that dress, but just can't justify it.

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