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Help me with my everyday wear please

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beardedladydragon Sun 04-Sep-16 10:20:08

I am 5ft 6. Generally a size 10 or 12. I have an athletic (chunky/muscular) build: broad shoulders, small boobs, narrow hips but no waist, chunky thighs and calves but slimmish ankles, size 7 wide feet. My body is long and my legs are short. I never feel feminine just clumsy and ungainly.
Long trousers and heels work best for my shape but I can't wear heels for everyday wear (just not practical).
I am really struggling to find clothing for day to day stuff. I am a SAHM so don't exactly have a glamorous life but I would still like to look okay. I would love to wear skinny jeans with pumps but can never seem to carry it off. What will suit me and not make me look frumpy? Thank you

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