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I look like Iggy friggin Pop!

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DameDoom Sun 04-Sep-16 02:21:10

I am stuffed full of Botox and fillers and have been recommending vitd3 on here for years. I am a beauty junkie - you would think I know what I am talking about. As a 45 ( next month) I have always been quite confident in my appearance but holy hell... My nose has grown, I am clearly receding and have Baba Yaga's hands,
I look like Iggy Pop's less feminine sister. I don't want help...just having a moan but if there are some tips you could give, I would appreciate. Check out me claws.

MargotLovedTom Sun 04-Sep-16 02:25:53

Weeeeell...put on some weight and it might sort out the Madonna hands wink, and get about three or four inches lopped off your hair. Love your OP grin .

DameDoom Sun 04-Sep-16 02:32:14

I am 10 stone and quite flabby but my hands and neck are those of someone who doesn't or never eats. I furious after all the money I have spent.

BuntyFigglesworthSpiffington Sun 04-Sep-16 02:50:50

Well as long as you have a lust for life does it really matter? Don't be a passenger, search and destroy all those things about your appearance you don't like.

augustusglupe Sun 04-Sep-16 03:04:10

Love what you did there buntygrin
Ok OP I was a bit scrawny but flabby in mid forties....I ditched the diets, started eating good healthy fats, avocados, eggs, fish, veg, salads, but mostly stopped calorie counting and got down the gym. I'm 52 now, I've put on 10 pounds, but I'm more toned and feel great.
Also ditched the Botox and filler and got an eyebrow lift!!

EnidButton Sun 04-Sep-16 03:14:58

You look completely normal. confused

DameDoom Sun 04-Sep-16 03:33:05

I do look normal but I think we expect more from the queen of the liquid face lift. The moral of the story is... don't look down ever.

heateallthebuns Sun 04-Sep-16 08:19:55

Bunty smile

Op, I think that's just a bad angle and bad lighting, your probably gorgeous irl

MargotLovedTom Sun 04-Sep-16 10:29:11

Well, just get yourself some see through trousers like Iggy's and no one will give your hands a second glance.

"Lust for life" grin

Floisme Sun 04-Sep-16 10:46:44

Firstly, it should be an honour and a privilege to resemble Mr. Pop.

Secondly, did you not know that claw hands are now officially cool (aka I have them)? Put on some big chunky rings and own them.

And thirdly, please can I have your user name when you've finished with it?

CalmItKermitt Sun 04-Sep-16 11:03:42

I don't understand. I can't see you properly with your hair over your face.

DameDoom Sun 04-Sep-16 11:30:33

Calmit no one will ever see me properly again especially not looking slightly down. I shall endeavour to wear my greasy thinning strands in the style of the Iggster/Kevin the teenager/Cousin It forever. You can see an aged nose that has grown over the decades though and the hands are undeniably those of the crypt keeper. Iron.ically, the hand/claw on view is my more beauteous one.
However, check out my friend's kitten. He's delish.
Am off to sue makers of Juvederm, Botox and chemical peels on account of me still looking like King Tut's mother

DameDoom Sun 04-Sep-16 11:47:10

Augustus I live on bleedin' avocadoes. Should look about 10. Floisme where do you get your jewellery for crones? I am going to make an effort to rock me arthritic mitts. I did have Shellac every two weeks for a year but it was becoming increasingly expensive so have ditched it. The furrows on my nails are so deep now and the hands so cadaverous that I am in a quandary.

JohnCheese Sun 04-Sep-16 11:56:24

Funny thread.

I think you look fine. I do know what you mean tho. The answer is: hands up and head up in a photo.grin And like there isn't enough to going on - I also feel bad about my neck, to quote Nora Ephron. Grr. Well not bad, but you know what I mean. It's all relative in the big picture of life <philosophical Sunday>. It is good that I have worry-space in my head for my neck. <ultra philosophical Sunday>. I'll stop now..

SirChenjin Sun 04-Sep-16 12:03:03

Gloves are the answer. There's a pair for every occasion and season. Embrace the gloves!

Floisme Sun 04-Sep-16 12:03:59

I just buy it on the high street, op: H&M, Top Shop, River Island etc. I don't go expensive because I'm always losing them. Just make sure they're big, chunky and say 'Look at my fabulous hands, doncha wish yours were like this.'

It looks as if you've got long, thin fingers which helps.

This is my muse.

NoelHeadbands Sun 04-Sep-16 12:05:00

I feel your pain. On more than one occasion recently, I've squinted at a photo of myself and thought

Is that...


DameDoom Sun 04-Sep-16 12:16:11

Floisme thank you for your jewellery advice - I need to do something to detract and cannot always rely on available gorgeous kittens. Fookin' hell Noel Rick Parfitt?confused.Shall we form a band? We need a Bez to complete the line-up of sheer glamour.

DameDoom Sun 04-Sep-16 13:40:11

floisme and John do you think a nail-technician called 'Faggy Clare' could be my muse? I had to stop going when my nails went green and she gave me a Marx brother monobrow.I didn't complain due to terror. Anyhoos, she has branched out into tattoo removal and liposuction.So many talents for a box room behind a sunbed shop.

Floisme Sun 04-Sep-16 14:09:46

I would google her, Dame but I'm a bit scared of what I might find.

Floisme Sun 04-Sep-16 14:18:49

Besides you already have an inspirational muse although, in your case, it might be advisable to keep your top on.

DameDoom Sun 04-Sep-16 14:30:07

I'll bet these links do not work but I do think they are entertaining. Who goes to a 'fast-paced' beauty salon of one slightly aggressive woman and her miserable trainee? Eh? Ooh that'll be me then... who doesn't love a communal emery board?

ProjectGainsborough Sun 04-Sep-16 17:16:19

I'm 37 and your nose is way smaller than mine. And I have veiny hands too.

In 10 years I'm going to look like Keith Richards, aren't I?

LadyMoth Sun 04-Sep-16 19:20:32

The only thing that's Pop-esque IMO is your hair... I think you would suit a fringe and a shorter haircut generally. Not because I think people should cut their hair as they get older, necessarily, but I think it would look good on you.

LadyMoth Sun 04-Sep-16 19:27:15

La gorgeous Croxall

Anne-Marie Duff

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