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Calling Project 333ers - a question...

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cupofrooibos Sat 03-Sep-16 14:50:10

The concept of Project 333 really appeals to me - I definitely have the makings of a capsule wardrobe already so just need some rules and a framework to get the last bits of unworn crap out of my wardrobe.

However, I have a question - would you count duplicates of the same piece of clothing as individual items within the 33? I have a couple of staple dresses from ASOS and Uniqlo which I wear all the time and have 3 or 4 identical ones of each so I can get away with doing laundry less often

If you've done Project 33 before, would you count the duplicates as one item (or am I cheating before I've even started?)

AnthonyPandy Sat 03-Sep-16 17:49:00

Well you can adjust the rules to suit yourself obviously but I would count them as separate items, sorry! But I don't count leggings or vests as to me these are purely for warmth and comfort, like socks and underwear. So dresses, skirts, trousers. jumpers, coats, that sort of stuff.

AnthonyPandy Sat 03-Sep-16 17:51:04

Do you want to list your 33 items so I can get ideas so we can encourage you?

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