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Fascinator quandary

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marceline Sat 03-Sep-16 12:09:27

I am going to a wedding next week, DH's BFF is getting marries and DH is best man. I am not in the wedding party as such but will obviously be there all day, the bride has asked me to play the piano in the church before the service. The reception and party are at a different venue.

I am borrowing a rather elaborate fascinator from a friend for the occasion. It looks fab, but I'm a bit unsure of the protocol around this particular piece. I've never worn one or been to an all day English wedding.

Does one wear it in church, do I keep it on whilst I'm playing? At what point does it come off? And the logistics of what does one do with it when not wearing it any more? Am I overthinking this? confusedgrin

wowfudge Sat 03-Sep-16 15:02:18

Traditionally women wear their headgear all day, indoors and out. Men would only wear hats outdoors. For the evening, take the fascinator off. The rest of the time it's up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

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