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Me&Em Breton top wearers?

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BallerinaBecky Sat 03-Sep-16 01:19:20

I ordered one and it has just arrived. I think I'm between sizes. The size small fits my shoulders well but puckers a little around my chest and is quite fitted. The size medium would fall off my shoulders but would otherwise be a good fit I'd imagine. But it depends if the top is meant to be worn looser or more fitted?

I'd googled images online but I have a completely different body shape to the models and I don't know whether to keep or return it.

Does anyone know how fitted it should be?

rubybleu Sat 03-Sep-16 05:15:20

Mine shrunk first wash and the fabric is quite see through. Definitely size up.

As an aside, the staff at the Paddington store have an unspeakably high opinion of themselves. I've never encountered anything like it in a high street store before.

BallerinaBecky Sat 03-Sep-16 18:00:33

Thanks Ruby. I'm going to return it. It is too tight across my stomach for my flabby stomach and the ruched midriff which was the main reason I bought the top, doesn't hide it.

balkanscot Sat 03-Sep-16 19:13:03

This is the main reason I have only blush bought 2 of their Breton tops - one in small, the other in medium. Haven't been able to decide which one fits me better, so decided not to buy any more. And I am not happy with either fit. Small is just that little bit too tight, enough to mak me feel a bit uncomfortable when I am wearing it (not physical discomfort but more of that "I don't feel good in this" feeling).

Medium was the case of far too long in the body and just a tad bit too loose and because of it - shapeless. So, I get the same feeling wearing medium as I get wearing small - I don't feel quite "right" in either size, IYSWIM.

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