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Best products for soft shiny curls/waves

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Jakadaal Fri 02-Sep-16 20:43:15

I have naturally wavy hair (think surf/beach type curls) which I religiously straighten. However 2 weeks on holiday has made me realise how much time and effort I am wasting with the drying and straightening. I would love to harness my true waves but unfortunately if I leave it to derby naturally I wake up each morning looking like a cave woman with wiry straw like hair.

Please tell me your holy grail of curly hair products grin

cupofrooibos Fri 02-Sep-16 21:35:01

The John Frieda Air Dry mousse is fab and a recent discovery of mine. I comb through conditioner using wide toothed comb, wrap hair in old t shirt then scrunch the mousse in and leave to dry. Gives fab definition!

marriednotdead Fri 02-Sep-16 22:53:46

Sebastian Whipped Creme has been the only mousse ever to give me frizz free curls with no stickiness. It's worth the expense and you don't need much.

Clankboing Fri 02-Sep-16 23:10:35

Boots curl creme, aussie miracle recharge, frizz ease secret agent, frizz ease curl reviver mousse, argan oil, got2be rise and shine hairspray. Not all at once though lol. I tend to use the aussie reviver if i miss a morning hair wash. If i was hair in morning i use the gel or mousse, dry it with a diffuser then add secret agent or argan oil and spray it. Sounds loads but it stops it from becoming big and bushy.

justilou Sat 03-Sep-16 07:31:19

This is the bomb! Only a teeeeeeny tiny bit needed, rubbed through your paws as a leave-in conditioner (ends only). My hair is fine like cat hair and it makes it lovely, scrunchy, Beachy wavy and it's not crunchy or sticky. (Although I don't use it all the time as I avoid silicones in hair products in my real life, but fab for special occasions or holidays - also won't spill in your bag.)

GinAndOnIt Sat 03-Sep-16 08:40:39

Watching this with interest. I can normally get mine to wave/curl fine without product on first wash but I only wash it once a week, and can't seem to stop the curls turning to frizz and dreadlock by day 2 or 3. Sea salt spray works nicely on my hair but leaves it dry, so I made up a spray bottle of water with conditioner and sea salt spray in it, but it's so cold that I don't think I can face spraying it anywhere near me when it's winter!

cupofrooibos Sat 03-Sep-16 08:49:08

justilou do you need to style with heat to get that effect or just air dry?

Jakadaal Sat 03-Sep-16 09:27:38

Thanks everyone I need to go shopping! Have also realised I don't have a diffuser anymore as on holiday I left it to dry naturally and that won't necessarily work at home hmm

Tinklypoo Sat 03-Sep-16 09:34:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pinkjenny Sat 03-Sep-16 09:46:51

I have curly hair, it drives me insane and I am constantly on the look out for new products. Loreal have brought out a new mousse called Curve it. I really love it, so much that I went out and bought 3 to keep me stocked up. I've added a picture of my hair. With duck face. Wearing PJs. Winning at life.

Clankboing Sun 04-Sep-16 11:34:01

Frizz ease secret agent is my absolute cannot go without for this. Its wonderful.

justilou Sun 04-Sep-16 22:26:55

Sorry OP - nope! Just squoosh it through your ends and gently work it up to about ear length. Can also mix with a little mousse for more hold and less crunch (from the mousse)

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