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would these boots go with this dress?

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DavetheCat2001 Fri 02-Sep-16 16:22:21

Hope the links work!

DavetheCat2001 Fri 02-Sep-16 16:28:37

Or maybe the taupe ones?

n0ne Fri 02-Sep-16 16:31:41

Definitely the taupe ones! Black boots don't go with a brown/cream dress.

Love the dress, btw!

DavetheCat2001 Fri 02-Sep-16 16:36:42

thanks n0ne

I bought the dress on a complete whim. I have a vision of wearing it this Autumn and decided that some retro style knee boots might work well with it.

Do you think those boots like they could get a bit"baggy" looking, though?

Gruach Fri 02-Sep-16 16:41:16

Couldn't see the dress properly as you've bought it. Flowery yes?

Are you wanting to make a "style statement"? If so I'd say the boots are a little too ladylike and unemphatic - not enough of a contrast in mood. You need something tougher to counteract the prettiness of the dress.

DavetheCat2001 Fri 02-Sep-16 16:49:01

It is, not overly though I don't think.

Not sure if I can post a better pic..

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