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CoolToned Fri 02-Sep-16 07:27:31

Am I the only one who does not like this pattern?

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Fri 02-Sep-16 07:28:28

There so many variations of it, some I like, some not.

Fuzzypeggy Fri 02-Sep-16 08:23:47

That's true, there are millions of different floral patterns, tiny ones, huge ones, subtle ones, bright ones, one colour ones, multi colour ones. There are some florals which I hate but I do have a few floral tops, I think it depends entirely on what sort of pattern it is. look at all these for example

Fuzzypeggy Fri 02-Sep-16 08:24:46

I like the bottom 2 on the left, and the one right in the middle of the picture, the rest I don't like much

poppym12 Fri 02-Sep-16 09:59:28

Nope. Can't stand it. I bought a navy dress with the tiniest, most subtle flowers on it to see if I could embrace the floral.

Wore it once and felt like a right twat. I've decided that I look crap in anything with a pattern.

CoolToned Fri 02-Sep-16 11:55:02

Other women look really lovely in florals, on me, I look like a giant tablecloth.

Oldraver Fri 02-Sep-16 13:08:40

I love a flowery frock....or top.... draw the line at trousers

But most of those are hideous

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