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Do you reckon I can get my bag fixed anywhere?

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FelixFelix Thu 01-Sep-16 18:46:22

I was looking for the perfect everyday bag for months, then found it in the sale in Joules in January. It was still pretty expensive for what I usually spend (£80 down from £120) but figured it would last me a long time.

Fast forward to this week and it's broken sad I am gutted! The tab which holds the strap to the bag has snapped off. I have emailed Joules and they are happy to refund me, but I can't be arsed to start my search for a decent bag again.

Does anyone know if there's a place that would be able to fix this for me? I'm not sure if it even exists but it's worth a try. Or would you just get a refund?

wowfudge Thu 01-Sep-16 18:47:39

Try a shoe repair place. DP got a leather bag repaired at one a couple of years ago.

idontlikealdi Thu 01-Sep-16 18:48:43


I would contact Joules though to see what they say.

ChipmunkSundays Thu 01-Sep-16 18:58:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cakescakescakes Thu 01-Sep-16 19:00:58

I've had a leather bag repaired at a good shoe repair place before. It can be stitched no problem is imagine but you need special leather needles.

AverysillyoldHector Thu 01-Sep-16 19:02:40

Where are you? I could suggest someone in the Midlands if thats any use? If not, could you just google leather repairer? There are lots come up near us if I search for that.

BikeRunSki Thu 01-Sep-16 19:05:13

Firstly contact Joules
If you really like it, and they can't replace it, a cobblers could mend it. If you don't have a good old fashioned independent high street cobblers, then Timpson's are fab.

Gingefringe Thu 01-Sep-16 19:25:05

Agree to contact Joules again - they may pay for the repairs?

Nearlyadoctor Thu 01-Sep-16 19:49:23

Joules still have the bag available on the Outlet part of their website - ask them for a replacement.

FelixFelix Thu 01-Sep-16 19:58:40

I'm up near Leeds but thank you anyway!

I have contacted them and they can refund or replace if it's still in stock but I assumed I couldn't get a replacement because I bought it in the sale after Christmas. I can't see it online at all - can you link for me? smile

Should I just get a refund if I can't get a replacement? I'm not even sure where to look for something similar! And I'm really fussy too.

NicknameUsed Thu 01-Sep-16 20:03:26


Nearlyadoctor Thu 01-Sep-16 20:07:30

When I looked at it I assumed it was Oos but it lets me add to bag and go right through to checkout!
If they're happy to replace and have one I would go with it as you really like the bag otherwise I would prefer a refund to getting it mended.

BikeRunSki Thu 01-Sep-16 20:13:05

I've done that with an OOS item from Joules in the past though Nearly. I ordered, then got a message saying it had been back ordered, then they cancelled my order and refunded me about 6 weeks later.

Sunflower6 Thu 01-Sep-16 20:33:47

I haven't used them but have seen adverts for the handbag clinic which repairs bags handbag

ChipmunkSundays Thu 01-Sep-16 20:37:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wombattoo Thu 01-Sep-16 20:38:07

I was in Leeds recently and there is a handbag repair shop in one of the arcades in the city centre. It had a bag in the window covered in paint, and one torn to advertise

FelixFelix Fri 02-Sep-16 09:05:43

wombatattoo i walked past that place recently. Completely forgot about it. I wonder if it's horrendously expensive?

Thanks for the link but it does say out of stock so I won't get my hopes up. I might call them today and ask.

wombattoo Fri 02-Sep-16 16:48:15

I don't have bags that cost enough to make them worth repairing!
Good luck

Racheyg Fri 02-Sep-16 21:40:05

Handbag clinic are amazing they repaired my Cambridge satchel although it cost half what the bag did grin

LAD1 Thu 09-Mar-17 19:45:09

Hello, although this thread is old I thought I would jump on to warn people from using The Handbag Spa. I have had the most awful experience over the last 7 months having sent my Mulberry Bayswater to them for repair. Not only was the bag returned in arguably worse condition than it went in (I am sure they would claim otherwise but I have photos to prove it) but their manner of dealing with my complaint has been most upsetting - very defensive and at times unpleasant. Finally, they had my bag for over 5 months in total. Please beware and do not trust them with your treasured bags.

MangosAndPapayas Thu 09-Mar-17 23:35:17

Classic Shoe Repairs in north London will probably be able to do it. They are absolutely amazing and couldn't recommend them highly enough. If you need anything done to designer shoes, the shops in London all send them to this shop. They are do official re-red soles for Louboutins. They repair bags too.

You can send them stuff by post so doesn't matter where you are.

Be warned, they aren't cheap but in my experience really worth it and they totally go above and beyond. It's a proper craftsmans place.

I'd drop them an email with your photos or give them a call. They will give you a quote.

info [at]
020 7485 5275

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