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Dress for races (I know it's been done before)

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fourpawswhite Thu 01-Sep-16 16:32:37

Hello, I wondered if anyone was around to help me please. I have looked at some of the older threads and got some ideas but keep drawing a blank.

I have been invited to a very dressy ladies day races on hospitality basis. Ladies I am going with city professionals, very glamorous and lovely.

I am country casual, 5 5, probably about a 14 on top but have lost a huge amount of weight recently. Dark brown hair, farmer tan.

I like fit and flare type dresses. Have looked at phase eight, coast and chi chi. Ordered one from phase eight and looked like a bag lady. Just awful. I am very wobbly just now after failed IVF and feeling really vulnerable. I would like to look good and not stand out as scruffy one.

I quite like netted type skirts as find a bit of shape takes away from large chest. I'm quite self conscious. I thought I would get away with floaty top, black trousers and heels but I spoke to others and they said it is going to be more cocktail dress attireshock.

Is anyone bored and around to help me? I have wine? Thank you.

WhooooAmI24601 Thu 01-Sep-16 16:35:23

The Pretty Dress Company always does gorgeous race day dresses, and they're specifically designed to make you look like a better version of yourself; I think some places make you look revolting on purpose just to suck out your soul as you hand over your cash card. Coast dresses are like this; they look stunning online and when they arrive I look like a drunk, overweight toddler trying on her Mam's gowns.

fourpawswhite Thu 01-Sep-16 16:37:44

Excellent, thank you whoooo. That is exactly what I looked like in that phase eight dress. I actually cried. Even DH who is lovely, and promised not to laugh said well I would walk beside you in that. blushI shall have a look now, flowers

MoosLikeJagger Thu 01-Sep-16 16:41:04

Feel free to wear trousers. Every time I've been to the races it's been fricking freezing. Unless it's Royal Ascot, really smart trousers should be fine. If you're really not sure, contact the racecourse.

fourpawswhite Thu 01-Sep-16 16:42:48

Yes I would normally wear trousers. I race a fair amount but not in this type of company, if that makes sense. Definitely more of a jeans and tweed girl. Just wanted to try for a change, but I seem to end up looking like shit, or like I am going to a wedding. No inbetween.

fourpawswhite Thu 01-Sep-16 21:17:03

Hello again. Have had a look at pretty dress. Have ordered one but still not sure. I am so down on myself just now I just don't know. Where else would you all go for a dress? Remembering in mind I am a total dress novice. So any unusual shops or anything out with the mainstream I won't have heard of? (Most of them, I'd had not even heard of chi chi London or pretty dress until today) blush

cressetmama Thu 01-Sep-16 22:18:37

If you go to such events a few times every few years, plus the usual quotient of weddings and suchlike, please have a look at Moloh. Yes, they are wildly OTT, but the coats dress up everyday trousers and grand stuff alike. And because they are not fashion stuff, they wear for years and years. Expensive true, but if their style works for you, I think they are not as bonkers as buying a posh dress you'd wear for two or three years. I just need an excuse for one of their frock coats.

cressetmama Thu 01-Sep-16 22:21:59


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