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Need a style makeover

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spudnik1 Thu 01-Sep-16 11:13:55

I have been stuck in a style rut. I still dress like a teenager (scruffy jeans, t-shirt, manky trainers, hoodies) I am 32 now I think its time I grew up a bit style wise.
I wore pretty much the same stuff in work and out of work (lab work so everything covered by lab coat) My new job however needs smart casual ( I bought some black pants black shoes and a couple of shirts, legs have to be covered)

So I am using this as the kick in the bum to get my entire wardrobe redone.

I am 5'2'' very short through the waist all my length is in my legs ( short pants are too short, regular I can just about get away with)
I have very big upper arms ( petite shirts from next are too tight around my upper arms)
I have muscular calves I have yet to find a pair of knee length boots that I can zip up, and I once fell out of a changing room trying to get some skinny jeans on which I am never doing ever again!
my measurements are 34'' 28'' 36'' boobs are 32DD
I walk a lot, and I am very active so I need clothes that aren't too fussy .

So ladies any ideas ? Any help would be very gratefully received

MoonlightandMusic Thu 01-Sep-16 22:32:02

What could look v.good (and easy to do as a smart/casual work 'style') would be a midi-skirt/shirt combination - you can wear flats, short boots or plimsoll/converse-type runners, so no need to faff with knee-length boots (although Duo boots while not cheap should sort the zip issue).

This kind of thing from MHL You can wear with a slightly slouchy jumper when the weather gets colder too.

MHL, Cos and Uniqlo are good places to go for the 'utility wear' look.

spudnik1 Fri 02-Sep-16 08:24:31

I cant wear skirts to work (don't think they would go with steal toe cap boots anyway even if I could)
Like the though of converse type runners with a skirt for weekend though would still be able to go tramping through the wood in that.

MoonlightandMusic Fri 02-Sep-16 21:46:34

Oh, oops you even mentioned it in the OP and I read it as 'covered' - i.e. 'no minis/bare legs. blush All of the companies above do nice loose-ish but smart trousers too - usually high-waisted with belt loops.

Also, can't find it now but, there's definitely a couple of pictures of MHL models in skirts and, if not steel capped, certainly DM-style boots. grin

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