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Help please! Outfit for girls day out & evening drinks

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hotsweetpotato Thu 01-Sep-16 07:42:34

As title!!
Going on a girls (30-40 yr olds) day out,
Walking round shops & touristy stuff in city, then meal & drinks in evening.
Weather still looking good so I'm lost at what to wear......
Any ideas?!?!

Doobigetta Thu 01-Sep-16 08:33:38

No opportunity to change in between?
It depends what you mean by good weather. If pleasant rather than hot, I'd go for 7/8 jeans, lightweight top that was a step up from a tshirt (IYKWIM) and nice espadrilles/low wedges/flat sandal type shoes. If actually very warm/hot, a dress rather than the jeans and top, and the same shoes. One of the denim/chambray types there have been a lot of this season.

hotsweetpotato Thu 01-Sep-16 17:17:59

No, no opportunity to change & don't fancy carrying lots of extra clothes with me..
Was thinking maxi dress or dark green skinnies with silky vest top & flat sandals,
May consider carrying wedges round for evening.....
Size 8/10 (slight mum tum) 5'4 ish...

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