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Do you have 'work' and 'play' clothes?

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NeonPinkNails Thu 01-Sep-16 06:35:59

My job is creative (= can be messy) and our office very casual so I tend to wear stuff I don't like that much or which is past its best for work. The exception is client meetings when I obviously need to be smarter. Trouble is this means I end up going to work every day feeling a bit blah and only wearing my nicer clothes at weekends.

I'd like to rethink so am interested to hear how it works for others - I realise for some people it will be the other way round ie formal work environment, casual in free time.

Diamonddealeroncemore Thu 01-Sep-16 06:52:22

I always had to be smart in the office so I was the other way around however earlier this year I left work to be self employed and now it's all one and the same. Except having spent so many years putting on a 'uniform' for work I found I had to still do that albeit a more casual one, so my home wardrobe has morphed into jeans/trousers and tee shirts in white or navy and jersey blazers. I am very boring when it comes to clothes!

lasttimeround Thu 01-Sep-16 07:09:25

I have a wardrobe that came be dressed up or down so most of the clothes are both working snd play which is handy but I'm guessing do-able because work dress codes are v easy. That's one way
Previously I worked in places where you could get up doing interviews are short notice do many of us had a suit in the office we could change into for TV.
My sister is an artist who has some overalls she keeps in the various places she works for the messy stuff.

Proudmummytodc2 Thu 01-Sep-16 07:13:01

I don't work at the moment I'm a sahm and I'm ill aswell so trying to get that sorted first but I always had work clothes and non work clothes and my DH works and he has work clothes and non work clothes also.

I thought this was the 'done' thing

ItGoesWithoutSaying Thu 01-Sep-16 09:46:31

Work clothes and non-work clothes. I don't have to be too professional in my job but do have to have a certain standard of smartness/appropriate-ness. For example, it was baking in the office yesterday and I wore loose-fitting to-the-knee viscose shorts. If I'd been off work, I'd have probably worn denim cut-off shorts.

Some things can be either work or non-work. and others ("going out" dresses) only non-work.

lasttimeround Thu 01-Sep-16 10:02:50

I have some easy trousers and shirts that I can wear to work with proper shoes or more relaxed at home with trainers or pairing a blouse with jeans and sandals. Same with dark smartish denim. There's some things that can't be used like that frayed light denim and formal suit-like shift dresses but most of the time I buy clothes that do double duty.

Advicepls7080 Thu 01-Sep-16 10:10:07

My work clothes are mostly scrubs but when I'm not in scrubs I have to dress 'professionally'

When I'm not in work I love wearing jeans and trainers basically I just like being comfortable. Then my going out clobber is over the top dolled up clothes grin

Judydreamsofhorses Thu 01-Sep-16 11:26:24

My work and play clothes are very similar - I teach a creative subject and don't need to be "smart smart" in terms of what people consider business-wear. I do, however, keep them separate. I tend to buy things and wear them outside work, then transition them to my work wardrobe once I'm fed up with them. Once something's been worn to work, it stays in the work wardrobe and won't be worn outside again, with the exception of footwear and things like black skinny jeans. I rarely buy clothes which are specifically for work.

chanie44 Thu 01-Sep-16 18:37:12

No, I don't mix my clothes, even though my office is fairly casual and I probably could wear a lot of my non work clothes to work.

Whisky2014 Thu 01-Sep-16 18:40:02

I wear smart work clothes then play clothes usually jeans or leggings and nice top smile

frikadela01 Thu 01-Sep-16 18:48:09

I wear a uniform so obviously have separate clothes. I feel like I never get to properly wear my own clothes.One of the highlights of being on maternity leave at the moment is I get to wear my own clothes and actually enjoying choosing my clothes.

scheepjes Thu 01-Sep-16 19:04:31

My part time job is fairly casual but sometimes I dress up a bit for the office because I run my own creative business the rest of the week and can wear what I like! And then obviously I have some stuff that only gets worn on lazy days at home.

WhooooAmI24601 Thu 01-Sep-16 19:30:45

I work in a Reception class so work clothes have to be quite comfortable and suitable for bending over, sitting on floors and generally being sneezed/painted on. I don't save anything for best, though, because wearing lovely stuff all the time makes me happier than wearing drab stuff. Today I wore a short skirt with foxes embroidered on, it was my Mums from the 80's and now has green and bright yellow paint on. The children loved it, though, and I felt like a woodland princess wearing it.

Far better to get some wear out of your lovely stuff than to save it all up.

NeonPinkNails Fri 02-Sep-16 07:18:24

That's how I'm starting to feel*Whooo*, I'd rather feel nice every day than worry because something gets paint on it.

NeonPinkNails Fri 02-Sep-16 07:19:09

Bold fail hmm. Love the sound of your woodland skirt btw!

NancyJoan Fri 02-Sep-16 07:37:39

Yes. I love it. Before I had my children, I worked in magazine publishing, wore the same thing in work as outside. I stayed at home for six years, but have been working in a marketing role for the last ten months. I have to be smart/professional, so have wardrobe of silky shirts, tailored Trousers, proper shoes etc. I love getting dressed for work, and also getting changed when I get home.

BlueEyedWonder Fri 02-Sep-16 08:08:45

There is no dress code for my office but I do need to dress appropriately given the nature of my work.
I tend to wear slim fit trousers with a shirt, breton, slim cashmere jumper or vest and merino cardi. Sometimes a knee length skirt or occasionally a shirt dress or jersey dress. I tend to wear small heels which I think look smarter than flats on me.
Weekends I wear similar tops but with jeans and converse or ankle boots.

Ratley Fri 02-Sep-16 08:11:57

I used to have an outdoor job, so no just all jeans, hiking trousers and boots just what I wear anyway.
Next week I start work in a secondary school and I have had to purchase a set of 'work clothes'.

OneOfTheGrundys Fri 02-Sep-16 08:16:54

Yes I do have work and play clothes and never the twain shall meet.
My job is high stress, dealing with the occasional personal attack and very occasionally violence. I need to have work clothes that act as a professional shell! I don't wear make up outside work either. I'm heavily made up when there however. More shell building!
I do love my job though.

RebelandaStunner Fri 02-Sep-16 08:42:01

My work clothes are totally separate.
We have to look professional and have a dress code.
I do like wearing my work clothes but they are far too smart for normal wear and too conservative for going out.

niminypiminy Fri 02-Sep-16 08:47:11

I have work clothes and non work clothes. Non-work are coloured. Work clothes are variations of this (only the women, obvs):

NeonPinkNails Fri 02-Sep-16 10:12:22

I think my issue is because my work is so casual I end up feeling the need to be a bit dressier at weekends even though it doesn't suit my lifestyle but I don't want to be a scruff 7 days a week grin. I'd love to be smarter for work although I guess it's not great having to spend money on separate clothes just for work. But looking nice makes me feel better and going to work in a scruffy old hoody and jeans doesn't really do that.

pregnantgrump Sat 03-Sep-16 19:56:58

I work in a smart context in some days and creative smart casual one on others. I have work, play and hybrid stuff. The hybrid stuff tends to be things like blouses, cardigans, jumpers and jackets as well as ankle boots and ballet flats. I wouldn't wear them mucking about in the park but if we go to a museum etc during play time they can be play clothes as well as jeans.

pregnantgrump Sat 03-Sep-16 19:57:51

To add: no way could I be a scruff at work. Far more likely to be scruffy at home given toddler sticky hand factor.

ninnypoo Sat 03-Sep-16 19:59:13

I always try to but it always blurs as I tend to buy new clothes I like and then want to wear them outside of their assigned function!

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