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Loving my Spiezia face products

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PootlewasthebestFlump Wed 31-Aug-16 19:42:07

I haven't used Spiezia for a while - I have had difficult skin problems, such as acne, eczema, dryness, oiliness, hyper-pigmentation...ooh, the works, for a few years now so have chopped and changed in desperation.

I decided to go back to Spiezia because I have found the balm cleanser to be really lovely on my skin in the past and it was feeling really undernourished after trying some stuff for oily problem skin.

This time I bought the cleanser, toner and the moisturising balm...and it's been so nurturing for my skin!

I'm really happy with it. I don't normally go a bundle on using 'all from the same range' but this has really made a difference.

I'm on the Pill for the acne, it didn't work last time I tried it, but the Pill couple with Spiezia has really transformed my skin.

This is not an advertisement, promise, it's just I'm so pleased with it I wanted to share my experience, in case anyone was thinking of trying it. It's expensive but lasts ages. I think they do mini kits to try as well.

Does anyone else love them?

PootlewasthebestFlump Wed 31-Aug-16 20:22:45

I hope I haven't jinxed it now. Every time I think I've found something that works, it stops....

cressetmama Wed 31-Aug-16 22:42:53

The balm cleanser is extremely good; I was less thrilled with the other bits. I bought a mini trial kit, but have only replaced the balm cleanser. One pot lasts ages.

PootlewasthebestFlump Thu 01-Sep-16 17:13:31

I only used the cleanser for years and I think it's excellent but the other bits seem to really complement it for me at the moment. I know it's all a rip off and I could make it myself but it is nice...

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