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How often to bikini wax

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JuniorMint Wed 31-Aug-16 19:06:50

Having let my pubic hair grow to full natural bush over the last few years since being pregnant and having DD (now 2 and a half yrs old), I now have a beach holiday coming up at the end of October. I went for a wax 2 and a half weeks ago- it was quite a big job! I was pleased with the results and have been carefully exfoliating/moisturising etc. However, it really has started to grow back in after just two and a half weeks. I read online that around six weeks is a good amount of time between waxes. Would it be silly to make an appointment after just three weeks? I think having had so much hair of different lengths that first time maybe I need another appointment more quickly, and that it will start to even out and go longer between appointments??
TIA for any advice/tips!

LordEmsworth Wed 31-Aug-16 19:15:42

I think you need 4-6 weeks and some patience I am afraid! That's how long it takes hair to grow, so you won't get them all and will be in the same position in another 3 weeks if you go now.

It is annoying that the lovely smoothness goes so quickly!

Goldenvalley Wed 31-Aug-16 19:17:57

This is why I don't get waxing. Mine is sore for a day or two then smooth and lovely for about a week and then it's stubbly, growing back etc for 3/4 weeks until the next appointment. What's the point? Hadn't I may as well shave it if I want it all lovely and smooth all the time?

JuniorMint Wed 31-Aug-16 19:19:52

Thank you for your reply! Yes, I see what you mean. I go away in 8 weeks time so am hoping to get a wax in a couple of weeks and then again a couple of days before going away. I have been really pleased with the results- I had always remembered itchy regrowth and ingrown hair from my youth but it's been great this time, apart from the quick regrowth!

JuniorMint Wed 31-Aug-16 19:21:26

Goldenvalley if I shave I get terrible ingrown hairs- red bumps etc, looks and feels awful. With the waxing yes the hairs have begun to grow back but the skin is unbroken and blemish free.

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