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How do I get nice hair?

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Smellyrose Wed 31-Aug-16 17:12:24

My hair is thick, straight and in really good condition but I've always had it short - anything from short crops to short bobs. I've decided to grow it but it just look a bit meh. How do I get my hair to be quite sleek and stylish? Is it a certain type of cut or the way I style it after washing (I have just started blow drying instead of letting it dry naturally and that has already made a big difference).

I am currently growing out a short style that was cut very badly with lots of unnecessary layers so need to get a cut to sort that out, but what should I be asking for?

SueTrinder Wed 31-Aug-16 19:30:10

I'd say find a decent hairdresser that you trust. Do you have any friends or colleagues who have great hair? Ask who cuts their hair and make an appointment with them.

Growing hair out is always a bit of a nightmare but a good hairdresser will be able to cut your hair so that it still looks good while growing. But will you really suit longer hair? When I grow mine I need to get lots of volume cut out of my hair because I've got lots of hair. And if you have petite features then its probably better to have shorter hair that shows them off (I've got a friend with lovely thick dark brown hair with a natural wave but she keeps it short because she's tiny and long hair overwhelms her face).

I've just had mine cut into a pixie again (this weekend!) after it being in a bob for a couple of years. The reactions have been interesting, quite a lot of people say they are really jealous that I can have such short hair because their hair is fine and so they don't have the natural volume necessary for a really short cut.

Smellyrose Wed 31-Aug-16 20:53:38

I think that's my problem, I used to have a great hairdresser but she left on maternity and didn't come back. I tried someone else at her salon (good London one) and had the worst short hair cut I've ever had. Now I'm too scared to try someone new in case it happens again (I'm 40 next month and really can't ride out a bad haircut anymore!)

That said, I think you're right I first had my hair cut short when I was 8 and have had it short ever since. If I try and grow it long it's so thick it doesn't go all nice and swishy (all my friend have long swishy hair, why can't I?)

I do look nice with really short hair.

Can any recommend a good hairdresser in London or Berkshire, proven to be good with short hair? grin

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