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Shoes - I never have the right shoes!

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GinAndOnIt Tue 30-Aug-16 10:26:08

My birthday is coming up in a couple of months and I thought I'd ask for a decent pair of shoes that will last but also be quite versatile for different seasons and outfits (ha!)

What shoes do you have that you wear with everything? I'm wondering about brogues, but I'm worried about looking a bit boyish as I'm not exactly curvy.

At the moment, I wear brown Chelsea boots constantly and struggle through the summer. I have Converse, Vans, sandals etc but my style is starting to get a bit less casual these days and these shoes just don't work. I'm also not keen on dolly shoes.

I tend to wear either shirt dresses (with tights in winter), shirts and jeans, or chinos. I wear colours like khaki, creams, dusky pinks, that kind of thing.

Any ideas? Links would be good too, probably with a budget of up to £100.

sweetheart Tue 30-Aug-16 14:19:07

I have these which have been worn to death and go with everything.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Tue 30-Aug-16 14:34:48

Oh god I hate those, sorry sweetheart!

I will be buying these at the weekend.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Tue 30-Aug-16 14:35:07

They have them in loads of colours too.

sweetheart Tue 30-Aug-16 14:44:38

grin it's ok - each to their own. I think you're ones are fugly so we obv's just have very different tastes

knitknack Tue 30-Aug-16 15:15:08

When you say you're not keen on 'dolly shoes' what do you mean? Do you mean ballet flats?

GinAndOnIt Tue 30-Aug-16 15:18:42

sweetheart my MIL has those shoes - I can't imagine DP's face if I rocked up with the same! grin

Felicia I do like those, but they're not quite right, I think they're a bit clumpy for my tiny feet - maybe the front bit is a bit too high. I like the Zips though.

GinAndOnIt Tue 30-Aug-16 15:19:03

Yes, ballet flats

elliefredericksen Tue 30-Aug-16 15:23:29

I don't think it's possible to have a single pair of shoes which go with everything in your wardrobe, although some are definitely more versatile than others. Those being brogues or loafers, in that they can technically go with skirts, dresses, trousers and jeans, and can be worn for smart of casual. Ballet flats are also good, unless they are the "dolly shoes" you mean.

I'd re-asses your clothes too. It might not be that you have the wrong shoes, but that the cut and length of your trousers/jeans/skirts and the proportions between your tops and bottoms are the problem.

GinAndOnIt Tue 30-Aug-16 15:28:52

I'm fairly good with clothes so that's not the problem, it's more finding something that can be okay for smart but not overly dressy. I'm not saying I've tried loads of shoes on and none of them look right with what I wear, I'm just saying that the shoes I have currently don't fit with what I wear now - I haven't bought shoes in years so that's inevitable really.

keeponkeepinon Tue 30-Aug-16 15:35:42


Acopyofacopy Tue 30-Aug-16 15:49:55

Loafers yes, but no to tassels.

VioletBam Tue 30-Aug-16 15:52:10

Loafers definitely stray into MIL and Mother territory.

I think you can't go wrong with brogues at the moment. They're very cool but also classic and will look nice on small feet too.

HateSummer Tue 30-Aug-16 15:55:22

I love these threads and how everyone has different tastes in shoes. I hate both your shoes sweetheart and felicia grinsorry.

keeponkeepinon Tue 30-Aug-16 16:38:38

I do love a shoe thread!

sweetheart Tue 30-Aug-16 16:52:31

Violet - your mil has fab taste - Kate Middleton owns a pair don't you know grin

sweetheart Tue 30-Aug-16 16:53:27

I meant Gin not Violet! Doh

GinAndOnIt Tue 30-Aug-16 16:54:00

The shape of Acopy's loafers is nice, just not patent or black. I quite like these - they're a nice mix of being a bit different but still being a colour that would go well with my wardrobe. I'd like something a bit more expensive though I think, that would last!

GinAndOnIt Tue 30-Aug-16 17:13:40

Although these are patent and quite nice. Possibly a bugger to keep clean though.

Gingefringe Tue 30-Aug-16 17:35:31

I saw these clarks shoes today and have them on my wish list. They have a slight bronze sheen to them and are absolutely gorgeous - they are a bit more dainty in real life.

knitknack Tue 30-Aug-16 17:52:02

I'm looking for a suede brogue like these

BikeRunSki Tue 30-Aug-16 18:08:36

I wear these with practically everything in the winter; jeans, chinos, casual denim/jersey dresses, casual skirts and woolly tights.... My wardrobe is not terribly sophisticated though.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Tue 30-Aug-16 18:50:11

Lol sweetheart! grin

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