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Calling all teachers - non-contact day dress code advice?

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disneyprincesswannabe Mon 29-Aug-16 15:04:28

I start my new job tomorrow as a teaching assistant. I have never worked in a school before so I have no idea on expectations/dress codes etc. Tomorrow is non-contact/staff-training day. Do you wear your regular smart clothes for this or is it more casual and relaxed? I don't want to go over or under dressed really.
It's a normal secondary comprehensive if that makes any difference

PosiePootlePerkins Mon 29-Aug-16 15:06:53

I am a TA and days without children are always more relaxed, however as its your very first day I Would play it safe and go smart casual. Maybe some trousers and a casual top. You will probably see people in jeans but I wouldn't wear them unless I was sure it was the 'done thing'. Good luck!

Randytortoise Mon 29-Aug-16 15:08:23

I'm primary and have inset at the end of the week. I'll be wearing jeans and 3/4 sleeve top. You usually have some time set aside for sorting classrooms and stuff out so might end up having to move furniture/boxes/--cap that should have been thrown out years ago--

Haggisfish Mon 29-Aug-16 15:09:17

Jeans!! I don't own jeans and always look like an oddball on our inset days!

AllPizzasGreatAndSmall Mon 29-Aug-16 15:12:21

I would just wear the same as on a day off and would quite happily go in in vest, shorts and flip flops if it was warm, otherwise probably jeans. I'm primary though and we have a pretty relaxed dress code generally.

timelytess Mon 29-Aug-16 15:13:49

Not fucking shorts. I'm out of teaching now but on one of the last training days I attended, the 20-something women wore very short denim shorts with black tights. Not a good look.

Wear jeans, or if you don't have them, soft-ish trousers, with a long top.

timelytess Mon 29-Aug-16 15:14:36

Pizzas, I'd written my answer before I saw yours. I'm not calling you for your shorts.

Jaimx86 Mon 29-Aug-16 15:16:40

Secondary - we have to wear business dress.

disneyprincesswannabe Mon 29-Aug-16 15:22:42

Thank you all, I was going to wear smart black trousers anyway it's just more the top half. I don't want to be in a suit and everyone else in jeans or vice versa. So black trousers and a smart fitted t shirt should be ok then? I intend to find out more of the dress expectation and then hit the shops afterwards

Ilikesweetpeas Mon 29-Aug-16 15:29:01

What you're planning sounds fine, good luck with the job

TealGiraffe Mon 29-Aug-16 15:32:26

We have training days next mon and tues, joy! shock

Monday is actual training day, tues is sorting classrooms / buffet lunch / post holiday catch up / checking paperwork.

Bith i will be in skinny jeans and a top. Like weekend wear.

My school is reasonably casual though. On a normal working day i wear black skinny jeans / bright ballet flats / top

QueenofLouisiana Mon 29-Aug-16 16:08:27

I'll be wearing stuff I can clamber around in. Putting up displays, checking drawers and general sorting. Also need to be comfy for the utterly thrilling "what we will improve this term/ year/ week" session.

Haggisfish Mon 29-Aug-16 16:32:26

Your plan sounds fine.

Euphemia Mon 29-Aug-16 16:34:33

We always go in casual. I don't know anyone who wears a suit, ever!

noblegiraffe Mon 29-Aug-16 16:42:59

Don't wear anything that you might be uncomfortable in lugging things between classrooms, standing on desks putting up displays or crawling around under desks plugging stuff in.

disneyprincesswannabe Mon 29-Aug-16 16:44:44

Flat shoes it is then! I'll leave the heels at home.
Thank you all so much

FrazzleM Mon 29-Aug-16 16:46:42

I turned up with my usual work clothes on my first inset day and looked like a bit of a plonker. That said, I'm sure no one else noticed.

Everyone was dressed casaully, jeans, combats etc, even the boss.

Good luck in your new job.

PrincessHairyMclary Mon 29-Aug-16 16:57:33

Last year was my first year as secondary TA and I wore dark jeans and a white shirt.
Thursday I'll be wearing jeans, t shirt and supergas.

If you are working secondary Id avoid heels, school grounds are big and you'll spend more time than you expect trekking from one side to the other and up numerous flights of stairs only the very brave attempt heels (or leave some flats to change into in your locker/staff room)

cece Mon 29-Aug-16 17:02:17

If it is warm next week I shall be wearing shorts and vest top with flip flops. If colder I wear skinny jeans and a top of some sort appropriate for the weather.

Primary here and tbh most people wear jeans and a top/t-shirt for INSET days.

I work 2 days per week and on teaching days I wear sports wear on the one day I teach PE and the other day I wear either a dress and boots, leggings and tunic dress, skirt and t-shirt or trousers and top. We have a new build school though and it is very, very warm inside!

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