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I've ruined my favourite top:-( please help me find a similar one? Am bereft...

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JonahAndTheSale Mon 29-Aug-16 13:49:18

It was only about £30 but I've had this top for years and I LOVE it!

It's so light and floaty and I throw it on with jeans and feel good.

It never made me feel sweaty or uncomrtable!

I've lost my best friend!

It was from Dorothy Perkins, size 10.

I burnt a hole in it with the iron! I'm so annoyed with myself.

Has anyone seen a similar style of top?

I'd really appreciate it. I'm really drawn to bright blue/cobalt.


HowToChooseAUserName Mon 29-Aug-16 14:26:37

What is it made of? And what %?

HowToChooseAUserName Mon 29-Aug-16 14:29:56

Not quite the same and not Dorothy Perkins budget - but cobalt and looks v. floaty.

CeolNaMara Mon 29-Aug-16 14:31:31

Good colour but no print
Suspect you may not like the tie waist
Hmm, it's off the shoulder

CeolNaMara Mon 29-Aug-16 14:36:42

There's a huge range of blues on the Kettlewell site, this is their cobalt
Depends how you feel about lace

Victoria1083 Mon 29-Aug-16 14:49:44

happyvalley4 Mon 29-Aug-16 14:55:18

You may be able to get an exact replacement on eBay 2nd hand. Put in the search Dorothy Perkins top blue size 12 and save it. eBay will then message you when someone posts a top with this description. It may take a while but one will eventually be put on for sale by somebody.

I did this with a Boden top I really liked but was discontinued. After a few months I got the exact one in good condition.

Good luck!

happyvalley4 Mon 29-Aug-16 14:56:30

Sorry it was size 10 not 12 but you get my gist!

mge Mon 29-Aug-16 14:58:55

This is not a quick fix option but doesn't have to be expensive. Find some fabric you like, find a local dessmaker and get it copied. I have done that in the past with successful results.

OiWithThePoodlesAlready Mon 29-Aug-16 15:14:30

Is this the same one?

RepentAtLeisure Mon 29-Aug-16 15:38:34

Well done! 3 hours left on the auction...

I'm tempted to put a bid on in case the OP wants it (and if not, I have a nice new top!)

RepentAtLeisure Mon 29-Aug-16 15:41:17

I'll put an alarm on my phone for 5 minutes till the auction ends, but hopefully she's just having lunch and will come back.

JonahAndTheSale Mon 29-Aug-16 16:17:56

Thank you! Just back! I've put a bid on! Hopefully I'll win it!!

thanks thanks

RepentAtLeisure Mon 29-Aug-16 16:23:10

Good luck!

DelicatePreciousThing1 Mon 29-Aug-16 16:31:30

Bid way more than it's worth then you are sure to get it!

OiWithThePoodlesAlready Mon 29-Aug-16 19:25:06

Did you win jonah?

user1471888857 Mon 29-Aug-16 19:39:48

Hope you won lucky was that

JonahAndTheSale Mon 29-Aug-16 19:46:46

I've just won it!!

You are all brilliant star

Hopefully it'll be in good condition when it comes and a wash will be all it needs! no iron holes

Alexthekid Mon 29-Aug-16 19:53:01

Aww I love a happy ending smile

RepentAtLeisure Mon 29-Aug-16 19:58:16

Yay, good news!!

OiWithThePoodlesAlready Mon 29-Aug-16 20:04:39

Good! Now don't ruin this one! wink

BikeRunSki Mon 29-Aug-16 20:09:45

I was going to suggest eBay.....!!!!!
Well done MN!
eBay has come up trumps got me a few times (I think DS (8) genuinely believes that his favourite trousers have fit him since he was 3).

lasttimeround Mon 29-Aug-16 21:19:19


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