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Bra conundrum

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lljkk Sun 28-Aug-16 19:23:16

For yrs I always measured 34D (Debenhams, little indie shops, everywhere).
If I wore 34D I got backache & indigestion. So I wore 36C instead which were great, but fitters got snooty about me preferring 36C so I don't like going to real shops.

My old bras became loose so I sewed them up to be tighter, but the cups became too small (sigh). I remeasured under & over,

(breath out): 31/32 & 34-35
(deep breath in): 33/34 & 36/37.

I'm confused about the 31-32... I haven't lost weight, but I am almost 50. I started running a lot in last year. I'm confused about C cups when the cups seem too small now.

I guess solution is to order loads of different sizes from Boobydoo, but I'm a bit lazy & still might get bad fit. Ugh, what is my best bet for getting something comfy?

PickAChew Sun 28-Aug-16 19:33:35

I'd try a 32D and work from there. Even if you haven't lost weight, you've probably lost body fat. Ordering online from somewhere with free returns is the best bet because you can try things on in your own time and it's pretty obvious when they're wrong.

Whether the size you measure is a comfortable and flattering fit can depend on the brand. I'm 32GG, but wear 34F in a Triumph style that I like because the bands are less stretchy than the other brand I wear and I also prefer the shape they give me with the 34" band.

lljkk Sun 28-Aug-16 21:02:48

Thanks, I hadn't thought about body fat changes in that way.

I get a terrible stomach ache just thinking about trying to wear a 32 band!! I eat a lot and that's the problem with tight bands, they give me indigestion. Still, must admit something has changed.

If going one up and over (from std recommended size) was how I got comfort before, then maybe 34C make sense rather than 32D.

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