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Which colour boots??

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WellErrr Sun 28-Aug-16 14:11:57

Next ankle boots

Tan or chocolate!?

Pestilence13610 Sun 28-Aug-16 14:16:07

Nice boots, good price.
Both colours are good, personally I would go for the chocolate.
What are you going to be wearing them with, what colour is your handbag, coat etc?

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Sun 28-Aug-16 14:21:24

Another vote for chocolate here!

WellErrr Sun 28-Aug-16 14:24:13

They are aren't they!? Post baby gift to myself.

I usually have a black mulberry (or a changing bag...!), various brown/tweed coats and lots of autumn colours - plums, teals, dark reds etc.

In fact you've just decided for me - chocolate it is! The tan is nice but wouldn't go with enough.

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