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Mid-30s and plus size: which pants?

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Boeufsurletoit Sun 28-Aug-16 11:08:32

Plus size women with mum tums, what style of pants are best? Must be cotton!

chocolatespiders Sun 28-Aug-16 23:09:15

I like big pants from matalan.

Scuttlebutter Sun 28-Aug-16 23:15:53

Sloggis are great - good quality, hard wearing, comfortable range of bright colours, as well as the usual black, white and nude. Not the most glamorous item in the wardrobe, but I'm assuming that's not what you're after.

Cakescakescakes Sun 28-Aug-16 23:18:31

M&S black cotton midi pants. About a tenner for 5 pairs. Brilliant. They also have some nice high waist midis which have lace trim and offer plenty of bum coverage without looking too much like granny pants.

ICJump Mon 29-Aug-16 03:02:33

Don;t you find a midi means it it rolls under your tummy or cuts in and gives an extra line?

PerspicaciaTick Mon 29-Aug-16 03:27:49

Giant M&S cotton jobs - in a multipack for cheapness. No digging in and creating extra unwanted lumps and bumps.

cexuwaleozbu Mon 29-Aug-16 05:05:44

I get m&s full briefs. Multipack of 5 all black. Job done they are nice and comfy.

Cakescakescakes Tue 30-Aug-16 00:19:32

The m&s midis come almost right up to my belly button so no digging in. Maybe I am a weird shape though!

kittykarate Tue 30-Aug-16 14:58:31

M&S midis stop about 1cm below my belly button, the full pants about 2cm above. I don't find they roll at all, the worst offenders for rolling on me are hi-legs.

Swishtails Tue 30-Aug-16 15:29:51

Another M&S big pants fan here.

started wearing them after c section eight months ago and haven't stopped blush

Boeufsurletoit Wed 14-Sep-16 17:33:41

Thanks everyone! I'm not sure why but I didn't get any notifications for these posts and only checked before anyone had posted. But I bought the M&S big pants and I love them. So comfy!

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