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Best Olay products

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MozzchopsThirty Sat 27-Aug-16 11:17:55

I've started using the night cream (yellow box one only £5) and I quite like it.

I'm about to run out of my old body shop day cream (now discontinued) so just wondered if anyone could recommend their olay day cream? Which one?

Also is the eye cream any good? Currently using neals yard but not that impressed

RobberBride Sat 27-Aug-16 11:28:19

Slightly off topic, but the Olay Regenerist Serum Fragrance Free is really good as an eye cream and a serum. It is quite silicone-y so in the summer I'll use it as a night moisturiser. (But I have oily skin so can get away with this.) I get it when Amazon does sales, it is often about £10.

MozzchopsThirty Sat 27-Aug-16 13:33:07

Thanks for that, I'd heard the regenerist was good

MumboNumber5 Sat 27-Aug-16 13:41:42

I use the 7 effects daily moisturiser and it's great (much cheaper on Amazon but usually on offer somewhere)

nothruroad Sat 27-Aug-16 14:07:34

I love the 7 effects daily moisturiser and also the one with added serum. They are BOGOF in superdrug just now.

PollyPerky Sat 27-Aug-16 15:04:00

I've ditched Clinique @ £45 a pot for Olay 3 point Regenerist- day cream and occasionally serum- around £12 from Amazon.

MozzchopsThirty Sat 27-Aug-16 16:30:55

Fantastic smile I'll take a look at those

MozzchopsThirty Sat 27-Aug-16 16:34:21

Is it this one?

MumboNumber5 Sat 27-Aug-16 17:38:54

Yep smile

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