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Is there some kind of resource to find trousers for your shape?

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Camembertie Sat 27-Aug-16 06:30:06

I have realised that since I've lost weight I just haven't found a pair of trousers that really fits me.

I am a slim-ish apple, bigger on tummy but hips and bum not too big, but tend to find trousers that fir my tummy are far too generous on bum and hips.

Is there a website/blog that lists different cuts/companies, for example Boden are hopeless for me?

Or might it be worth booking a personal shop somewhere? (Bluewater.)



ceeveebee Sat 27-Aug-16 06:47:28


Also I think House of Fraser website has a thing where you can enter your measurements and it will say what will be a good fit, and they have a lot of different brands

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