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MrBoot Fri 26-Aug-16 01:25:39

I bought a maxi skirt during the summer from Hush. It fits perfectly just resting on my hips,not doing a Simon Cowell wearing it). I'm 5ft 2. On the model it fits perfectly too?

I quite like the long maxi dress on the website now (I would have the slit sewn up). However, the height of the model is 5ft 10 and it is ankle length on her. This is confirmed by one reviewer who states she is 5ft 10 and the dress is full length.

As I couldn't quite get my head around the concept of a maxi skirt/dress being 'one size fits all', I have clicked on a number of different skirts but they all advise the model is 5ft 10. I have previously returned trousers for being far too long for me

Do Hush think all their customers are this height?
Why on earth have they managed to have their summer maxi skirt reach their model's ankles if the model is 5ft 10 and it is ankle length on a 5ft 2 person.
It is really frustrating and I quite like the dress and the swishy skirt but I literally have no idea what lengths they will turn out to be apart from the helpful reviewers.

I'm so fed up with the inconsistent sizing and the bother of buying and returning clothes from them <but I like some of their clothes so keep looking>

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