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what's the point in best clothes?

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iloveoz Thu 25-Aug-16 21:12:22

currently i have work wear/casual /best clothes
the best clothes i have are hardly worn coz we dont go out much and when we do its for a pub meal . The clothes become dated and then given to charity
what do others do ?

ToffeeForEveryone Thu 25-Aug-16 21:14:28

There is no point. Don't keep things for best.

SparkyBlue Thu 25-Aug-16 21:18:32

The same kept happening to me and now I have started to buy clothes that can be dressed up if I am going out and can be made a bit more casual for everyday or nice work wear. I have started wearing some nice dresses to work this summer that had been sitting in the wardrobe as I had thought they were too "good".

AnnaMarlowe Thu 25-Aug-16 21:19:47

Other than actual evening wear I try to buy things which are flexible and can be dressed up or dressed down.

Either than or buy a very classic piece like a lbd which will last for years without going out of fashion.

SapphireSeptember Thu 25-Aug-16 21:24:45

I wear a uniform at work, so that solves that problem. (It's awful though! <shudder>)

I don't really have best clothes, I have nicer clothes that I mostly wear to church (longer dresses that aren't really practical to do shopping in) but I know if I felt like it I'd wear them to do the shopping in. I get a lot of 'you look nice, are you going somewhere?' when I wear what I consider my everyday clothes, but I do wear skirts all the time, which I suppose automatically makes me look more 'dressy' than wearing jeans, (even when I'm wearing a band t-shirt.)

Maybe wear your posh clothes 'just because' and see if you like it?

Judydreamsofhorses Thu 25-Aug-16 21:31:41

I don't have particularly smart or fancy clothes, but I like to keep work/not work completely separate. Once I've grown tired of something, I'll wear it to work - after that, it never crosses back into "not work". I read a blog post about shopping for your time balance, so if you spent 60% of your time in the park or outdoors, 60% of your clothes would match that part of your life, then you might have 30% work stuff, 10% evening wear, for example. I should buy more clothes specifically for work, but just grudge it.

Cellardoor23 Thu 25-Aug-16 21:37:08

I don't have best clothes. My idea of dressing up is putting nail polish on and mascara lol. If I like something I buy it and I intend to wear it. Alot of the time I just buy quality tops that I can wear everyday or dress up with a scarf or something if I'm going out.

Vlier Thu 25-Aug-16 21:46:54

I wear mostly dresses and skirts and dress them up or down. I have 1 special black dress and coat for funerals (11 aunts and 11 uncles dropping like flies at the mo). But that's it, the rest is worn regularly.

MargoReadbetter Thu 25-Aug-16 21:49:45

I have things which are obviously not suitable for daytime wear. More likely, though, is that I have things 'for home wear' but then just get into a nightie instead.

WhooooAmI24601 Fri 26-Aug-16 15:06:35

I don't save anything for best any more. I might not wear the ball gowns as often as I'd like but everything in my wardrobe gets worn at least a few times a year. I'm the same with the DCs and don't save anything for best; DS2 is a bit eccentric and likes to wear waistcoats and bow ties to the shops sometimes.

DH still has clothes from Uni and saves anything I buy for 'best' til his Uni clothes fall apart. He's 39 years old. It's ridiculous.

RebelandaStunner Fri 26-Aug-16 17:52:45

I wouldn't wear work clothes for going out. Work stuff is totally separate to everything else.
I go out a lot so get a lot of use my nicer stuff. Most could be worn day or night though depending on the occasion.

Best clothes are what my mother talks about.

iloveoz Fri 26-Aug-16 21:56:32

thanks everyone
i reckon changes will be made

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