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Make up help needed

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Chattermummy Thu 25-Aug-16 18:27:43

About 10 years ago I was introduced to Virgin vie one step face base, it was a godsend and I used it daily. I stopped wearing make up apart from tinted moisturiser as kids were little and I had zero time.

I look like shit with tiredness and overwork and life and tinted moisturiser just not cutting it these days. I went online to treat myself to One Step stuff and disvover Virgin Vie no longer exists.

Does anybody know of a good one stop, easy to apply basic cover foundation like one step? I have googled but getting confused. Thank you

Off to discover what else I've missed in past 10 years blush

LordEmsworth Thu 25-Aug-16 18:46:22

Well a quick Google suggests that this company bought the rights to it so should be the same thing...

Personaly I like BB & some CC creams, Bobbi Brown is my favourite but I also like Clinique & Erborian. They are liquid though so quite different to apply...

Cheesymonster Thu 25-Aug-16 21:36:36

I just bought max factor face finity compact foundation and love the easiness of it. Look on boots website, it has great reviews.

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