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Your favourite products for smooth swishy hair please

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YesOfCourseAlways Wed 24-Aug-16 19:51:02

I have very thick, coloured hair, I have been using Aveda for a while but it's looking a bit 'meh' recently. Any recommendations for shampoo/conditioner/ finishing products that will make it glossy and swishy again?

claptomania Wed 24-Aug-16 23:18:41

Kiehls argan oil shampoo. I swear it is made of magic!

Doobigetta Thu 25-Aug-16 07:50:56

Not so much a product, but I've just bought a Tangle Teezer blow dry brush, and it's amazing how much difference it makes. Helps dry my hair in about half the time, and leaves it very smooth.

YesOfCourseAlways Thu 25-Aug-16 11:40:14

Ooh, I will try both of those thanks 😊

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