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My roots are growing out - don't want to spend £160 on colour correction - shall I DIY and with what?

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MarksandSpencerfoodjunkie Wed 24-Aug-16 19:10:48

I'm growing out highlights that's looked lovely the first two times they were done but last time I ended up with a greenish tinge. Going out in the sun and using silver toners has helped. Went to another hairdresser who quoted me the above for balayage and a Demi permanent - which would give me an ombré look without the upkeep of roots. Thing is I don't have that kind of money (it was Aveda Covent Garden to be fair but I work in the city and everything is pricey). A hairdresser friend recommended I model for her salon's training academy but I'm nervous. I like my highlighted bits but my natural colour is lovely too (I appreciate it more now as at 48 I have virtually no grey) and the lighter bits are flattering. I'm guessing I can't get this look at home and am going to have to fork out. I do have £80 worth of Aveda vouchers so actually could stump up the £80. The hairdresser who gave me the consultation said it wouldn't need that much every time I needed the colour topped up but I'm wary after having my highlights go green.

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