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Skinny tan - is it really as good as all the hype suggests?

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GloveBug Wed 24-Aug-16 18:33:52

It keeps popping up on Facebook every time I log on. All the comments seem be positive and people are raving about it. Is it really that good? I have never self tanned before but seriously considering giving it a go

blueberrygoose Wed 24-Aug-16 20:56:22

I would like to know too! Saw that super drug were doing a deal on it, but one get one half price I think.

Sleeperandthespindle Wed 24-Aug-16 21:14:17

I bought a couple of tubes in superdrug at the beginning of the holidays. I have very white, freckled skin on my legs that doesn't tan and use factor 50 to prevent sunburn. I'm outside a lot all year round so arms and face are more tanned.

I've been really pleased with it. Really natural colour for me and goes on well. I did notice in the mirror at the swimming pool today that I'd been a bit crap with applying on my thighs - would aim for more accuracy if I were the glamorous type. As it is, my shorts have covered the top of my legs or it's been wetsuit weather on the beach!

Sleeperandthespindle Wed 24-Aug-16 21:15:16

I've rarely ever self tanned before. Tried a spray tan ten years ago - looked the colour of sunny D for ages!

Outcomesthebunnyofdeath Wed 24-Aug-16 21:39:26

I tried it and I've tried a lot! I bought the cream and couldn't find my tanning mit, bottle said not to over -rub and I think applying it with my hands made this difficult! I ended up rubbing it off as I put it on and it was shit.

I think a tanning mit would give much better results, and also I would probably prefer the mousse. Good colour though, lasted well even after I'd taken the worst off and smelt like mild coconut. I didn't once get a whiff of biscuits.

GloveBug Wed 24-Aug-16 22:13:34

Thanks all. It's the mousse I'm thinking of getting. I think it comes with a mitt. I'm planning to ask DH to apply to the harder to reach places to avoid any streaks
I'll check out the super drug offer blueberry smile

GloveBug Wed 24-Aug-16 23:43:16

Sleeper is it the mousse or the 7 day tan that you're using?

Sleeperandthespindle Thu 25-Aug-16 09:07:28

Gradual tan in a green stripey tube.

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