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Ladies hard wearing work trousers?

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DobbyIsAFreeElf Wed 24-Aug-16 17:23:07

I work with children and spend a lot of time kneeling/crawling around on floors and I can't seem to find any trousers that last. They all go at the knees. I have gone through 5 pairs of trousers in 1 year, including a pair of black jeans which now have white knees.

Does any where know where I can buy trousers that won't have fraying knees within six weeks? They preferably need to be black work style, but may get away with a smart Jean/chino.

RaisingSteam Wed 24-Aug-16 18:35:24

What do other staff members wear? I wonder about either outdoor trousers or workwear/uniform trousers? Probably need to be polyester to be hardwearing enough.



There must be something if you google 'nurse uniform" or "salon uniform"

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