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is there no alternative to the dermatologist?

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RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Wed 24-Aug-16 14:01:53

I have a small skin tag on the thin skin underneath my eye (the bit where you get shadows if you haven't had enough sleep). I also have several incipient ones all around the eye area.

First call was to the doctor who told me it was considered cosmetic so she wouldn't be able to help. Then I looked up for a dermatologist which would cost about £100. I would be willing to pay that to get rid of it but as I say I think there are more and I wonder if I'm going to end up prone to them - I can't afford to be shelling out 100 quid several times a year.

So then I started looking online. Because of the area it's in I obviously can't use those knot things and the only alternative seemed to be Australian Tea Tree oil which I duly ordered only to have it arrive and say quite clearly that it't not to be used on the eye area. The last thing I want to do is burn my skin or something and end up with an even worse problem!

I'm now stumped, I accept it is cosmetic so not for the NHS to deal with ... but my job needs me to meet loads of people and I am starting to get self-conscious of this one let alone if any more appear.

Does anyone have any other ideas at all, would be so grateful if there is an answer I haven't thought of!

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