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Researching home IPL. Smoothskin gold?

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Ohyesiam Wed 24-Aug-16 12:34:53

Hi, I've started researching home IPL, and I think I'm going to get the Smoothskin gold ( which isn't made by or stocked by Boots, as lots of posts here state, so am a bit confused). I have the pale skin black hair combo that is meant to work well, but I tan very dark. It is sort of implied on the literature that tanned skin is OK, but that it won't work as well, or will take longer as the machine won't zap it strongly ( due to possible damage caused to skins pigment). Have I got that right, does anyone know?

allegretto Sat 22-Jul-17 19:05:32

I know this is an old thread but wondered if anyone had any uptodate experience of using Smoothskin or Lumea? There is an offer on in Boots at the moment and am tempted!

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