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these? too 90s?

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keeponkeepinon Wed 24-Aug-16 09:47:50

I had something along these lines all those years ago. Am I going to regret getting these and feel like a throwback?

Nearlyadoctor Wed 24-Aug-16 09:49:41

I've got them in the navy patent, lots of compliments so far.

keeponkeepinon Wed 24-Aug-16 09:51:42

Navy are nice and a bit different but I'd be wearing them with black opaques mostly so was thinking I'd get the black. I think I'm worried I'll feel like I'll be wearing my old school shoes!

ophiotaurus Wed 24-Aug-16 09:53:05

I love them! I also had them the first time round too but don't think these look too 90s.

I don't like those but love these which are similar. My v stylish 21 year old dd1 approves of this pair too, for the reason that they are 'so nineties'!

Kalispera Wed 24-Aug-16 11:28:46

I don't care about them being too 90s, but they look like the clumpy bastard children of two separate shoes.

I like both, but I was at school in the 90's and wish I had had them as school shoes!

keeponkeepinon Wed 24-Aug-16 18:45:00

I kind of like them remus but I have got sick of my clarks brogues and they are sort of similar. I'd like something with a lower top part as the brogues started to feel a bit matronly on me after a while. A lower front on the shoe may be a bit more lengthening. Or something. Not 100 % on the tassels. Hmm.

keeponkeepinon Wed 24-Aug-16 23:17:29

I might even give up on these for a while and go back to my shiny Dr martens 1461 shoes. Perfect for opaques and pinafores. Just thought I fancied something a bit less school-y.

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